and He breathed on them – a poem by Sister Lou Ella Hickman

and He breathed on them
john 20:22

that first morning
Your breath stirred chaos
a cauldron with its brew of darkness. . .
and there was light
then Your breath uttered life
and the sea was born crowned with salty foam. . .
the land with wind through grass. . .
lastly, the creatures
shimmering under galaxies swirling in their vaulted music
each one a thousand times a hundred thousand wind chimes . . .
another first day another first morning
there was light
as You breathed on them for they, too, were lost in their chaotic darkness. . .
You are breathing creation now and i stirring wild as salty foam
listen as the sun, moon and stars sing holy holy holy


Sister Lou Ella Hickman, I.W.B.S. is a certified spiritual director whose poems and articles have appeared in numerous magazines and journals as well as four anthologies. She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2017. Her first book of poetry entitled she: robed and wordless was published in 2015. (Press 53)


      1. The last line of ” stars all singing holy, holy, holy.”
        As a lifelong liturgical, I could actually HEAR the SONG!
        Deepest Blessings of your powerful gifts!


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