EXPECTATION – a poem by Elaine Fletcher Chapman

EXPECTATION Outside I looked for carnage, there was none that I could see. No sign from the night, nothing amiss. We rarely look up at the night sky. Stars dimmed by so much light. Searching for any change, or perhaps a sign of significance, a message from Sophia. I wonder how the heron stands inContinue reading “EXPECTATION – a poem by Elaine Fletcher Chapman”

MEDITATION ON RADIANCE SUTRA #77 – a poem by Elaine Fletcher Chapman

MEDITATION ON RADIANCE SUTRA #77 I close the blinds to traffic on Harpersville, trash people threw last night while passing. Later I will pick up plastic cups and wrappers from Sonic and McDonalds. Cigarette butts. I open the blinds facing the reservoir, morning light through the newly budding leaves. Some call it scrub brush. IContinue reading “MEDITATION ON RADIANCE SUTRA #77 – a poem by Elaine Fletcher Chapman”

Contributors 2020

Taher Adel is a British-Bahraini poet and spoken word artist. He is currently completing his MA in Creative Writing and Poetry at the University of East Anglia. His poetry has also been published in Ambit, SMOKE Magazine, The New European and Poetry Salzburg Review.  Butterfly years Barbara Alfaro is the recipient of a Maryland StateContinue reading “Contributors 2020”