Contributors 2019

Kolawole Samuel Adebayo is an old soul in a young Nigerian body whose poems seek to awaken the human consciousness. His poems have appeared or forthcoming in Glass Poetry, Button Poetry, Burning House Press, Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine, Eunoia Review, PRAXIS Magazine, Mojave Heart Review, Tuck Magazine, WRR, BPPC anthology, and elsewhere. He likes to connect with his friends via his Twitter handle, @samofthevoice.Soliloquy – a poem by Kolawole Samuel Adebayo

Edward Alport is a proud Essex Boy and retired teacher. He occupies his time as a gardener and writer for children. He has had poetry published in a variety of webzines and magazines. When he has nothing better to do he posts snarky micropoems on Twitter as @cross_mouse.Summer Sunday – a poem by Edward Alport

After studying French, Jane Angué now lives and works in France, teaching English Language and Literature. She enjoys introducing her students to poetry.  She writes in French and English, was longlisted for the Erbacce Prize 2018 and her work has recently appeared in incertain regard, Le Capital des Mots and Dawntreader.Unfinished Aquarelle – a poem by Jane Angué

Arlene Antoinette writes poetry, flash fiction and song lyrics. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Brooklyn College and worked with the disabled population for many years. Additional work by Arlene may be found at Your Daily Poem, Little Rose Magazine, Foxglove Journal, London Grip, Neologism Poetry Review and Mojave Heart.Even Nature Grieves Your Passing – an elegy by Arlene Antoinette

Carol Alena Aronoff, Ph.D. is a psychologist, teacher, poet. Her work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies and won several prizes. She was twice nominated for a Pushcart.  She published a chapbook and five books of poetry: The Nature of Music, Cornsilk, Her Soup Made the Moon Weep, Blessings From an Unseen World and Dreaming Earth’s Body (with Betsie Miller-Kusz).Prayer flags – a poem by Carol Alena Aronoff

Ray Ball grew up in a house full of snakes. She is a history professor, Pushcart-nominated poet, and editor at Alaska Women Speak. Her first chapbook Tithe of Salt was recently published by Louisiana Literature Press, and she has recent publications in Coffin BellMoria, and UCity Review.The Beata – a poem by Ray Ball 

Postcard from Ostuni – a poem by Ray Ball

KB Ballentine’s fifth collection, Almost Everything,
Almost Nothing, was published in 2017 by Middle Creek Publishing.
Published in Crab Orchard Review and Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal,
among others, her work also appears in anthologies including In Plein
Air (2017) and Carrying the Branch: Poets in Search of Peace (2017).
Learn more at www.kbballentine.comLet the Rain Possess Me – a poem by KB Ballantine


Trained as a journalist, Ellen Wade Beals writes poetry and prose. Her work has appeared in literary magazines, in anthologies and on the web. Her poem “Between the sheets” appears in the textbook Everything’s a Text (Pearson 2010). She is editor and publisher of Solace in So Many Words (Weighed Words LLC). Her website is: www.solaceinabook.comNow and at the hour – a story by Ellen Wade Beals

Gershon Ben-Avraham lives in Be’er Sheva, Israel. He holds an MA in Philosophy from Temple University. His fiction has appeared in the Big Muddy, Bookends Review, Broad River Review, Crack the Spine, Gravel, and Jewish His short story “Yoineh Bodek” appeared in Issue No. 96 of Image: Art, Faith, Mystery.Kiddush – a poem by Gershon Ben-Avraham

Wayne-Daniel Berard, PhD, teaches Humanities at Nichols College, Dudley, MA. He publishes broadly in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. His novella, Everything We Want, was published in 2018 by Bloodstone Press. A poetry collection, The Realm of Blessing, will be published in 2020 by Unsolicited Press..THE BAG WITHOUT  ANY BOTTOM – part 1 of a story by Wayne-Daniel Berard

Good Friday at the Gardner – a poem by Wayne-Daniel Berard

Next – a short story by Wayne-Daniel Berard

Annie Blake’s research aims to exfoliate branches of psychoanalysis. She enjoys semiotics and exploring the surreal and phantasmagorical nature of unconscious material. Her work is best understood when interpreting them like dreams. She is a member of the C G Jung Society of Melbourne. You can visit her on and HIC LOCUS, QUAE REGIO, QUAE MUNDI PLAGA? – a reflection by Annie Blake

RAISING THE DEAD – an essay by Annie Blake

Ariana D. Den Bleyker is a Pittsburgh native currently residing in New York’s Hudson Valley where she is a wife and mother of two. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family and every once in a while sleeps. She is the author of three collections, seventeen chapbooks, three crime novellas, a novelette, and an experimental memoir.Approaching Salisbury Mills the Train Blows Its Whistle – a poem by Ariana D. Den Bleyker

Mela Blust‘s work has appeared in The Bitter Oleander, Isacoustic, Rust+Moth, Rhythm & Bones Lit, The Nassau Review, and more. Her debut poetry collection, Skeleton Parade, is forthcoming with Apep Publications in 2019. She  works with Animal Heart Press, a poetry reader for The Rise Up Review, and Barren Magazine.wishes in the bottom of a well – a poem by Mela Blust


On the weekends, Kristine Brown frequently wanders through historic neighborhoods, saying “Hello” to most any cat she encounters. Some of these cats are found on her blog, Crumpled Paper Cranes ( Her creative work can be found in HobartSea Foam MagPhilosophical Idiot, among others, and a collection of flash prose and poetryScraped Knees, was released in 2017 by Ugly Sapling.The Laughing Buddha visits our local Panera Bread – a poem by Kristine Brown

Randal A. Burd, Jr. is a married father of two and an educator working on the site of a residential treatment facility for juveniles in rural Missouri.He has a Master’s Degree in English Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Missouri and a self-sabotaging compulsion to write poetry that rhymes. Randal’s poems have recently been featured by Rue Scribe, The Society of Classical Poets, and Verse-Virtual among other publications.An Affirmation of Faith? – a poem by Randal A. Burd

Jeff Burt lives in California. He works in mental health, and has work in The Monarch Review, LitBreak, Terrene, Nature Writing, and won the 2017 Cold Mountain Review poetry prize.Walk at Easter – a poem by Jeff Burt

Sarah Cave is a poet, academic and editor of Guillemot Press. She is currently working toward a practice-based poetry PhD in Prayerful Poetics. Her publications include like fragile clay (Guillemot Press, 2018), An Arbitrary Line (Broken Sleep Books, 2018) & Perseverance Valley (Knives, Forks and Spoons, September 2019).The House is on Fire – a poem by Sarah Cave

Ellen Chia  lives in Thailand and enjoys going on solitary walksin woodlands and along beaches where Nature’s treasure trove impels her to document her findings and impressionsusing the language of poetry. Her works have been published and forthcoming in The Ekphrastic Review, Nature Writing,The Honest Ulsterman, Zingara Poetry Review and The Tiger Moth Review.Head in the Clouds – a poem by Ellen Chia

David Chorlton was born in Austria, grew up in Manchester, England, and lived in Vienna before moving to Phoenix in 1978. His newest book is Reading T. S. Eliot to a Bird, is from Hoot ‘n Waddle, in Phoenix.From: Speech Scroll – poetry by David Chorlton

An “unbaptized African Baptist outta Nova Scotia,
Canada, 1960-issue”, George Elliott Clarke teaches English
at the University of Toronto. Once a prof at Duke and Harvard,
he has books in Chinese, Italian, and Romanian translation,
and was Poet Laureate of Toronto (2012-2015) and Poet
Laureate of Canada (2016 & 2017). Enus – a poem by George Elliott Clarke

Cortney Collins is a poet whose work has been published by South Broadway Ghost Society and 24hr Neon Mag. She has poems forthcoming in the Devil’s Party Press anthology, What Sort of F@*#ery is This? She lives on the Eastern Plains of Colorado with her cat, Pablo.Unknown – a poem by Cortney Collins


Deborah Dawson, native Southern Oregon Artist and Naturalist of 40 years paints watercolors that are passionate interpretations of nature and reflect her earth-based spirituality. Deborah loves using color and texture whether with words or pigment to express the subtle poetry of Oregon’s flora and fauna. The Artist has coined the phrase “Organic Design” which she has used for 20 years to describe her process.Illinois River – a poem by Deborah Dawson

Judy DeCroce, a former teacher, is a poet/flash fiction writer whose work has been published in Cherry House Press: An Anthology (Upcoming April, 2019) Pendora Magazine, The Sunlight Press, Nightingale & Sparrow, riverbabble, Nixes Mate Review, Pilcrow & Dagger, Red Eft Review, Front Porch Review, Amethyst Review, An Upstate of Mind, as well as Palettes & Quills, and Writers & Books.  She is a professional, storyteller and teacher of that genre.  Judy lives and works in upstate New York with her husband, writer Antoni Ooto.Persistence – a poem by Judy de Croce

Meet You Running – a poem by Judy DeCroce

Ash Dean grew up in Ferguson Missouri. He is a graduate of The International Writing Program at City University of Hong Kong. His work has appeared in Cha, Drunken Boat, Gravel, Ma La, Mason’s Road, Soul-Litand Afterness: Literature from the New Transnational Asia. He is the author of Cardiography from Finishing Line Press.  He lived in Suzhou, China for 6 years. He currently lives in Songdo, South Korea.The Call – a poem by Ash Dean

Diane Elayne Dees‘s poetry has been published in many journals and anthologies. Diane, who lives in Covington, Louisiana, also publishes Women Who Serve, a blog that delivers news and commentary on women’s professional tennis throughout the world. Diane’s chapbook, I Can’t Recall Exactly When I Died, is forthcoming from Clare Songbirds Publishing House.The Submerged Life – a poem by Diane Elayne Dees


Ken Allan Dronsfield is a disabled veteran, poet, and fabulist. He resides in Seminole Oklahoma, USA. He works full-time on his poetry, dabbling in digital art. Ken’s poem, “With Charcoal Black, VIII” was selected as the First Prize Winner in a recent major Nature Poetry Contest from Realistic Poetry International.Specter of Essence – a poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Pauline Duchesneau’s writings of various sorts have appeared in Dime Show Review, Pilcrow & Dagger, Adelaide, Riggwelter, and Rosette Maleficarum, among others. Her first novel of magical realism seeks its final draft. Pauline’s greatest inspiration wells from her gratitude for the myriad daily gifts.A Flight Transferred – a poem by Pauline Duchesneau
Diana Durham is the author of three poetry collections: Sea of Glass (Diamond Press); To the End of the Night (Northwoods Press) Between Two Worlds (Chrysalis Poetry); the nonfiction The Return of King Arthur (Tarcher/Penguin); a debut novel
The Curve of the Land (Skylight Press); and a dramatic retelling of grail myth Perceval & the Grail: Perceval & the Grail Part 1 Morgana’s Retelling – YouTube


Sarah A. Etlinger is an English professor who resides in Milwaukee, WI. A Pushcart-nominated poet, she is author of two chapbooks: Never One for Promises (Kelsay Books, 2018) and Little Human Things (Clare Songbirds, forthcoming Fall 2019). You can find her work in places like Neologism Poetry Journal, The Magnolia Review, and Brine.Today is the Day I Will Believe in Something Like Light – a poem by Sarah A. Etlinger

Better than We Could Dream to Be– a poem by Sarah A. Etlinger

Into Knowing – a poem by Sarah A. Etlinger

Rose Fairfield lives with her family in the Appalachian Mountains where she serves her community as a behavioural health professional. By night she enjoys reading, writing, and spoiling her cat.Mothers – a poem by Rose Fairfield

John Anthony Fingleton: He was born in Cork City, Ireland. Poet of the Year (2016) Destiny Poets International Community. Contributed to four books of poetry for children. Poet of the Month (March 2019) Our Poetry Archive.  First solo collection Poems from the Shadowlands was published in November 2017, which is available on Amazon.A Folding of Light – a poem by John Anthony Fingleton

Kate Garrett writes and edits. She is the author of six pamphlets, and her first full-length collection, The saint of milk and flames, was published in April 2019 from Rhythm & Bones Press. Kate lives in Sheffield, UK with her husband, five children, and a sleepy cat. / twitter @mskateybelleEffigy – a poem by Kate Garrett; He says no to déjà vu but I’ve heard it all before – a poem by Kate Garrett

Ken Gierke started writing poetry in his forties, but found new focus when he retired.  It also gave him new perspectives, which come out in his poetry, primarily free verse and haiku.  He has been published at The Ekphrastic Review, Vita Brevis, Tuck Magazine and Eunoia Review.  His website: Why Would I Pray? – a poem by Ken Gierke

Ruth Gilchrist is an award-winning poet living in East Lothian, published in magazines and anthology. She enjoys being part of several writing groups as well as performing her pieces. Ruth writes on a variety of subjects and experiments with different poetry forms. Her joint pamphlet The Weather Looks Promising is published by Black Agnes Press.Farewell from Tennyson Down – a poem by Ruth Gilchrist


Gary Glauber is a poet, fiction writer, teacher, and former music journalist. His two collections, Small Consolations (Aldrich Press) and Worth the Candle (Five Oaks Press), and a chapbook, Memory Marries Desire (Finishing Line Press), are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and directly from the publishers.The Nature of Inquiry – a poem by Gary Glauber

Marissa Glover teaches and writes in the United States, where she is the co-editor at Orange Blossom Review. Marissa’s poetry has appeared in Amaryllis,RiggwelterPicaroon Poetry, Nine Muses, Solstice Sounds, and Ink, Sweat & Tears, among others, and is forthcoming from SWWIM Every Day and First Things. You can follow Marissa on Twitter @_MarissaGlover_.  Blessed are the Peacemakers – a poem by Marissa Glover

Ben Groner III (Nashville, TN), recipient of Texas A&M University’s 2014 Gordone Award for undergraduate poetry and a Pushcart Prize nomination, has work published in Appalachian Heritage, New Mexico Review, Third Wednesday, Gnarled Oak, The Bookends Review, Gravel, and elsewhere. You can see more of his work at On the Ongoing Insistence on Proof – a poem by Ben Groner III

Deborah Guzzi is the author of The Hurricane available through Prolific Press. Her poetry appears in Allegro, Amethyst Review, Creative Writing Ink Competition, Shooter, & Foxglove Journal in the UK, also in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Greece, Spain, France, India & in dozens in the USA.Behind the Mask – a poem by Deborah Guzzi

Maryanne Hannan has published poetry in Magma, Stand, Oxford Review and elsewhere. Her first book, Rocking Like It’s All Intermezzo: 21st Century Psalm Responsorials, will be published by Wipf and Stock (2019). She lives in upstate New York, USA. Her website is www.mhannan.comAcrostic for Simone Weil – a poem by Maryanne Hannan

Sam Hickford is a poet and freelance writer. He has written for The Guardian, Catholic Herald and The Tablet, and his poetry has appeared in Ink, Sweat and Tears.Leeds-Bradford Airport – a poem by Sam Hickford

Sister Lou Ella Hickman’s poems have appeared in numerous magazines and journals as well as three anthologies. She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2017.  Her first book of poetry entitled she: robed and wordless was published in 2015. (Press 53)mentoring: the river – a poem by Sister Lou Ella Hickman, I.W.B.S.

M.J. Iuppa  is the Director of the Visual and Performing Arts Minor Program and Lecturer in Creative Writing at St. John Fisher College; and since 2000 to present, is a part time lecturer in Creative Writing at The College at Brockport. Since 1986, she has been a teaching artist, working with students, K-12, in Rochester, NY, and surrounding area. Most recently, she was awarded the New York State Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching, 2017. She has four full length poetry collections, This Thirst (Kelsay Books, 2017), Small Worlds Floating (2016) as well as Within Reach (2010) both from Cherry Grove Collections; Night Traveler (Foothills Publishing, 2003); and 5 chapbooks. She lives on a small farm in Hamlin NY.Purple Finch at the Garden Feeder – a poem by M.J. Iuppa

Given a Life to Spend – a poem by M.J. Iuppa

With and Without – a poem by M.J. Iuppa

How It Is – a poem by M.J. Iuppa

Jenny has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 13 years having moved here from the New York metropolitan area with her family.   By day she is an international tax lawyer, but day and night, a poet, loving to write poems and share with anyone who will read them.  Her work has been in included as part of the yearly Bainbridge Island Poetry Corners celebration in which poems are posted on local storefronts, Ars Poetica, a juried pairing of poems with the work of local artists, several anthologies published by Diversion Press, two publications out of the Grief Dialogues project, “Just a Little More Time” and “Grief Dialogues, the book”, The Cascade Journal Vol. II, of the Washington Poets Association and others.Prayer for a bridled mind – a poem by Jenny

Dawid Juraszek is a bilingual author based in China. His fiction, non-fiction, and poetry have appeared in The Remembered Arts Journal, Amethyst Review, The Esthetic Apostle, Amaryllis, The Font, and elsewhere.

Minotaur – a poem by Dawid Juraszek

Ariella Katz is a Boston native living in Moscow, Russia. Her writing has appeared in Arion, The Gate, and East from Chicago. She is the co-editor of Does the Sun Have a Light Switch? A Literary Criminal Almanac, an anthology of stories and poetry by formerly incarcerated people in Moscow.

Robert S. King edits Good Works Review. His poems appear widely, including Chariton Review, Kenyon Review, Midwest Quarterly, and Southern Poetry Review. He has published eight poetry collections, most recently Diary of the Last Person on Earth (Sybaritic Press 2014) and Developing a Photograph of God (Glass Lyre Press, 2014).The Size of Infinity – a poem by Robert S. King

Janet Krauss, who has two books of poetry published, Borrowed Scenery, Yuganta Press, and Through the Trees of Autumn, Spartina Press, has recently retired from teaching English at Fairfield University. Her mission is to help and guide Bridgeport’s  young children through her teaching creative writing, leading book clubs and reading to and engaging a kindergarten class. As a poet, she co-directs the poetry program of the Black Rock Art Guild. In  May, 2018 her poem, “A View from a Window” was published in Amethyst Review.Russian Sage – a poem by Janet Krauss

Irina Kuzminsky is a widely published poet and writer; she is also a dancer, singer and composer, who has combined a life in the arts with a rigorous academic background including a doctorate from Oxford. Her passion has long been a quest for the feminine faces of the Divine across spiritual traditions

Christ – a poem by Irina Kuzminsky

Kyle Laws read and responded to the psalms with poetry during her studies of contemplative prayer in the Benedictine tradition in monasteries in Colorado and New Mexico.  A number of the poems were published as Going into Exile, a chapbook supplement to the journal Abbey. Other collections include Ride the Pink Horse (Stubborn Mule Press), Faces of Fishing Creek (Middle Creek Publishing), So Bright to Blind (Five Oaks Press), and Wildwood (Lummox Press).Gallery Exhibit of Portraits After Hours – a poem by Kyle Laws 

Playing, Agnes Martin, 1993-1994 – a poem by Kyle Laws

No Face but My Own – a poem by Kyle Laws

Steven Lebow has published in print and online fiction in Aphelion, Infernal Ink, The Airgonaut, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Literally Stories, Flash Fiction Online, Literary Heist, Penny Shorts, Down in The Dirt, The Scarlet Leaf, and Danse Macabre. His poetry has appeared in The Pangolin Review, Literary Yard, Adelaide, and  Ariel Chart.Violence and Dawn – a poem by Steven Lebow

Israel Francisco Haros Lopez was born in East Los Angeles to immigrant parents of Mexican descent. Israel graduated from U.C. Berkeley and received a degree in English Literature and Chicano Studies followed by an M.F.A in Creative Writing. At formal and informal visual art spaces, Israel creates and collaborates in many interdisciplinary ways including poetry, performance, music, visual art, and video making and curriculum creation. His work addresses a multitude of historical and spiritual layered realities of border politics, identity politics, and the re-interpretation of histories.

Israel has been published online and in print poetry journals and magazines, including, Rise Up, Across The Margin, La Bloga, The anthology ‘Poetry of Resistance: Voices for Social Justice’. He has two collections of poetry ‘Waterhummingbirdhouse: A Poetry Codex’ and ‘Mexican Jazz Vol. 1’.

Rupert Loydell is a writer, editor and abstract artist. His many books of poetry include Dear Mary (Shearsman, 2017) and The Return of the Man Who Has Everything (Shearsman 2015); and he has edited anthologies such as Yesterday’s Music Today (co-edited with Mike Ferguson, Knives Forks and Spoons Press 2014), and Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh: manifestos and unmanifestos (Salt, 2010).‘HOW TO HANDLE THE MYSTICS’ – a poem by Rupert Loydell   ONION – a poem by Rupert Loydell   

Sean Lynch is a working-class poet who lives in South Philly. His poems have been published in various journals including (parenthetical), Chrysanthemum, and Poetry Quarterly. He’s the author of three chapbooks, the latest being 100 Haiku, published in 2018 by Moonstone Press. You can find out more on Letter to a Bird Trapped in a Subway Tunnel – a poem by Sean Lynch

Kathryn MacDonald is the author of A Breeze You Whisper (poems, 2011), Calla & Édourd (fiction, 2009), and The Farm & City Cookbook (1994). She publishes freelance arts articles and writes “Eclectic Reviews” on her website: She is a past-editor of Key to Kingston magazine and previously on the editorial staff of Harrowsmith and Equinox magazines.Past Midnight – a poem by Kathryn MacDonald

Choreography – a poem by Kathryn MacDonald

Winner of America Magazine’s 2019 Foley Poetry Prize, Lock Haven University English Professor Marjorie Maddox has published 11 collections of poetry—including Transplant, Transport, Transubstantiation and True, False, None of the AboveWhat She Was Saying(prose); children’s books; Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets on Pennsylvania(co-editor); Presence (assistant editor). See

Midnight Ministers – a poem by Marjorie Maddox

MEH is Matthew E. Henry, a Pushcart nominated poet with works appearing or forthcoming in various publications including Amethyst Review, The Anglican Theological Review, The Other Journal, Poetry East, Relief Journal, Rock and Sling, Spiritus, andThe Windhover. MEH is an educator who received his MFA from Seattle Pacific University, yet continued to spend money he didn’t have pursuing a MA in theology and a PhD in education.Say prayer is sex with God – a poem by Matthew E. Henry (MEH)

Say God’s love is like eating your Wheaties – a poem by Matthew E. Henry (MEH)

confession found in a Motherhouse – a poem by MEH

Sarah Marquez is an MA candidate at Southern New Hampshire University. When I am not writing, I can be found reading, sipping coffee, or tweeting, @Sarahmarissa338.

Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah is the author of the new hybrid work, Z. His individual poems are widely published and recently appearing in The Meadow, Juked, North Dakota Quarterly,  etc. He is algebraist and artist and lives in the southern part of Ghana, Spain, and Turtle Mountains, North Dakota.The Calmative  – a poem by Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah

Tim Miller’s “Mr Cassian” poems are from a collection of poetry and fiction called School of Night. Other pieces from the book have appeared/are forthcoming in Southword, Cutthroat, and Bold+Italic. He is online at Cassian’s 54th Dream – a poem by Tim Miller

Sarah Marquez is an MA candidate at Southern New Hampshire University. When I am not writing, I can be found reading, sipping coffee, or tweeting, @Sarahmarissa338.Where Daddy Went Thereafter – a poem by Sarah Marquez

Rajnish Mishra is a poet, writer, translator and blogger born and brought up in Varanasi, India and now in exile from his city. His work originates at the point of intersection between his psyche and his city. He edits PPP Ezine.The Flying Cage – a poem by Rajnish Mishra

Mark J. Mitchell’s novel, The Magic War appeared from Loose Leaves Publishing. He studied  at Santa Cruz under Raymond Carver and George Hitchcock. His work appeared in several anthologies and hundreds of periodicals. He lives with his wife, Joan Juster making his living pointing out pretty things in San Francisco. A meager online presence can be found at

Emily Peña Murphey is a retired psychotherapist who has published work in several literary journals. She was recently designated a finalist in the short story and essay categories of the Adelaide Literary Contest. She has family roots in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Texas’ Río Grande Valley. She has been coping with chronic illness for over two decades. She lives in Philadelphia.The Healing of a Wound – a poem by Emily Peña Murphey

Stapleton Nash  was born and raised on Vancouver Island, where she grew up swimming, beach-combing, and writing letters to imaginary mermaid friends. Since then, she has lived in Montreal, where she studied literature, and more recently has been teaching English to children just outside of Taipei. She has had poems published in NewMag and The Mark.Ruth – a poem by Stapleton Nash

Is Nothing Sacred? – a poem by Stapleton Nash

Katerina Neocleous is assistant editor of the poetry journal, Obsessed With Pipework. She is widely published in magazines; and has two pamphlets forthcoming in 2019 – one from Maytree Press, and another through Obsessed With Pipework and Flarestack Publishing. She is also a mother and gardener. For more information please visit her at visionsfromhell.wordpress.comThe Witch’s Hearing – a poem by Katerina Neocleous

Red Admirals – a poem by Katerina Neocleous

Sam Norman has been teaching high school for 16 years at Bacon Academy in Colchester, CT. Until now, most of what Sam has written has been shared only with family and a few friends, though he has been published in Bacon Academy’s literary journal, The Salmon River Review. Most of Sam’s recent poetry focuses on a terrible tragedy. Sam’s son, Ben, just 20 years old, lost his life in a weather-related traffic accident on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2018. Sam lives in Coventry, Connecticut with his wife Teri, their children, Becca and Daniel, a bunch of chickens, and their beloved dogs, Cloudy and Ripple.Hidden – a poem by Sam Norman

Ailisha O’Sullivan graduated with an honors degree in History and English Literature from University College Cork, Ireland and worked in the Chicago Public Library system for several years as a librarian and storyteller before moving to Cluj, Romania, where she held a position as managing editor at Koinónia Publishing. She currently divides her time between translation and editing projects and working with local non-profit organizations. A sample of her poetry can be seen in the May 2019 issue of The Scriblerus Arts JournalFail better, Sam? – a poem by Ailisha O’Sullivan

In Tralee’s Saint John’s church – a poem by Ailisha O’Sullivan

Antoni Ooto is a poet and flash fiction writer.  His works have been published in Nixes Mate Review, Pilcrow & Dagger, Red Eft Review, Ink Sweat & Tears, Young Ravens Literary Review, Front Porch Review, Amethyst Review, An Upstate of Mind and Palettes & Quills.Holy Apostles School Choir, 1957 – a poem by Antoni Ooto

Meditation – a poem by Antoni Ooto

Carolyn Oulton has been published in magazines including Acumen,Artemis, Envoi, The Frogmore Papers, from the edge, Ink Sweat & Tears,Nine Muses, Orbis, The Poetry Village,The Moth and Seventh Quarry. Her most recent collection Accidental Fruit is published by Worple Press. Her website is at the Woods – a poem by Carolyn Oulton

Jokshan Pasamonte is a poet residing in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He writes about the natural world and how it relates to the individual. Some of his themes are philosophical in nature, and he writes primarily in free verse.On Transformation – a poem by Jokshan Pasamonte

Jill Pearlman is a writer and poet based in Providence, RI.  She has published in Salamander, Frequency Anthology, Soul-Lit, Crosswinds and others.  She writes a blog about ecstasy, art and aesthetics in wartime at  Peregrination – a poem by Jill Pearlman

E. Martin Pedersen, originally from San Francisco, has lived for over 35 years in eastern Sicily, where he teaches English at the local university. His poetry has appeared in The James Dickey Review, Ink in Thirds, Mused, Oddville, Former People, The Bitchin’ Kitsch and others. Martin is an alum of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. He blogs at:

David Peterson is new to writing poetry, taking up voracious reading and now the writing of poetry during his wife’s 85 day hospitalization following a botched surgery. David a retired public school teacher and administrator who, with his super-hero wife, lives north of Phoenix.When It’s Time – a poem by David Peterson


Brett Peruzzi lives in Framingham, Massachusetts. His poems have appeared in Boston Poetry Magazine, Muse Apprentice Guild,Gloom Cupboard,The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly,Modern Haiku,Sahara, Pine Island Journal of New England Poetry, and many other publications.On Sunapee Ridge – a poem by Brett Peruzzi

A Jazz Prayer – a poem by Brett Peruzzi

d. ellis phelps’ poetry, art, and essays appear most recently or are forthcoming online and in print in The Enchantment of the Ordinary; Texas Poetry Calendar 2019; Poets & Dreamers:  Dreamers and Displaced Issue; & Voices de La Luna.  She is the author of Making Room for George, a novel and of the blog formidableWoman.  She is co-founder and animating director of the poets for peace, San Antonio reading series. recently serving as managing editor for the inaugural anthology of that group, The Larger Geometry:  poems for peace (peaceCenter Books, 2018).rachmaninoff      off key – a poem by d. ellis phelps

deluge – a poem by d. ellis phelps

Cynthia Pitman began writing poetry again this past summer after a 30-year hiatus. She has recently had poetry published in Amethyst ReviewVita BrevisRight Hand PointingEkphrastic ReviewLiterary Yard, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Postcard Poems and Prose, and Leaves of Ink. She has had fiction published in Red Fez and has fiction forthcoming in Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art. The Ethereal Divine – a poem by Cynthia Pitman

Behold a Pale Horse – a poem by Cynthia Pitman

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The ChimesAmethyst Review and many other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review as well as other publications.

Jonathan K. Rice edited Iodine Poetry Journal for seventeen years. He is the author of two full-length poetry collections, Killing Time (2015), Ukulele and Other Poems (2006) and a chapbook, Shooting Pool with a Cellist (2003), all published by Main Street Rag Publishing. He is also a visual artist. His work has appeared in numerous publications. Jonathan is the recipient of the 2012 Irene Blair Honeycutt Legacy Award for outstanding service in support of local and regional writers, awarded by Central Piedmont Community College. He lives in Charlotte, NC.Prayer – a poem by Jonathan K. Rice

Jessica Rigney is a poet, artist, and filmmaker. Listen to her voice & see moving pictures here. She is twice a quarter-finalist for the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry (2016 & 18.) Sample her poetry at Salomé and Cider Press Review. She is poetjess on Instagram.Closed Systems – a poem by Jessica Rigney Her Drop of India – a poem by Jessica Rigney

Brian Rihlmann was born in New Jersey and currently resides in Reno, Nevada.  He writes free verse poetry, much of it on the confessional side.  He has been published in Blognostics, Red Eft Review, Spillwords, Synchronized Chaos, Cajun Mutt Press, The Rye Whiskey Review, and others.Obsessions – a poem by Brian Rihlmann

Abby Ripley is a seventy-six year old and has had a very rich and varied life. She grew up on a ranch on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana and has spent time as a Peace Corps volunteer, a travel agent, a life insurance field agent, an editor, a fine art photographer and exhibitor, a painter, and now a writer/poet. She crusades on behalf of African people who suffer from tungiasis. She was recently named a poetry finalist by Adelaide Literary Magazine.A Visit to Chacachacare – nonfiction by Abby Ripley

Rickey Rivers Jr was born and raised in Alabama. He is a writer and cancer survivor. His stories and poems have appeared in various publications and are forthcoming in Picaroon Poetry, Dodging the Rain, Neon Mariposa (among other publications). / Vapor – a poem by Rickey Rivers Jr

Jeannie E. Roberts has authored six books, including The Wingspan of Things (Dancing Girl Press), Romp and Ceremony (Finishing Line Press), Beyond Bulrush (Lit Fest Press), and Nature of it All(Finishing Line Press). Her second children’s book, Rhyme the Roost!, was recently released by Kelsay Books.Wings, a Moonlit Tale – a poem by Jeannie E. Roberts

The Spring into Summer Collection – a poem by Jeannie E. Roberts

M.S. Rooney lives in Sonoma, California with poet Dan Noreen. Her work appears in journals, including Leaping Clear, Ekphrasis, Heron Tree, Naugatuck River Review andSoul-Lit, and anthologies, including American Society: What Poets See (FutureCycle Press), edited by David Chorlton and Robert S. King, and Ice Cream Poems (World Enough Writers), edited by Patricia Fargnoli. Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Claire Sexton is a fifty year old librarian living in Berkshire, but originally from Wales. She lived in London for twenty years and is currently detoxing from this experience. She has been published in Ink, Sweat and Tears, Foxglove Journal, Amethyst Review, and Light: a Journal of Photography and Poetry.
Dave Shortt  is a longtime writer (from the USA) whose work has appeared over the years in a number of print & electronic literary-type venues, including The Ekphrastic Review.  More of his poems can be found in recent or archived issues of Blaze Vox, Blackbox Manifold, Ygdrasil, Peculiar Mormyrid & the print anthology Emanations: Chorus Pleiades.    Another is scheduled to run later this year in Silver Pinion.Unto the Plane Trees the Pure Ones Having Descended – a poem by Dave Shortt
Merril D. Smith is an independent scholar with a Ph.D. in American History and numerous books on history and gender issues. Her poetry and stories have appeared recently in Rhythm & Bones, Vita Brevis, Streetlight Press, Ghost City, Twist in Time, and Mojave Heart Review. Her blog is at
Thomas R. Smith lives in Wisconsin, USA, and have seven published collections so far, and was included in Diamond Cutters, edited by Jay Ramsay and Andrew Harvey. He has also edited several books, most recently Airmail, the correspondence of Robert Bly and Tomas Tranströmer, published in the UK by Bloodaxe. Windy Day at Kabekona: New and Selected Prose Poems was published in 2018. His first prose book, Poetry on the Side of Nature: Writing the Nature Poem as an Act of Survival, is forthcoming from Folded Word Press in 2020.
John W. Steele is a psychologist, yoga teacher and graduate of the MFA Poetry Program at Western Colorado University, where he studied with Julie Kane, Ernest Hilbert and David Rothman. His poetry has appeared in Amethyst Review, Boulder Weekly, Blue Unicorn, The Lyric, Society of Classical Poets and Verse-Virtual. One of his poems was nominated for a 2017 Pushcart prize, another won The Lyric’s 2017 Fall Quarterly Award.Ganesh – a poem by John W. Steele
Vanessa Stein is an actress with extensive experience in the theatre . She currently teaches acting and is working on her first full length play and a collection of poems. Vanessa is based in Cambridge, in the UK.Jochebed – a poem by Vanessa Stein
L.B. Stringfellow writes both verse and prose poetry, often exploring themes of transformation, woundedness, and interdependence in her poetry.  She grew up in the Southern US, has worked as a university instructor and as a professional tutor, and holds an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing.Passage – a poem by L.B. Stringfellow
Rachel Tanner is an Alabamian writer whose work has recently appeared in Moonchild Magazine, Barren Magazine, Peach Mag, and elsewhere. She tweets @rickit. Who is God if not my Cat? – a poem by Rachel Tanner
Rory Tanner is a general-purpose writer based in eastern Ontario (Canada). He’s published a handful of essays on the poetry and politics of early modern England, and regularly reviews volumes for the Journal of Canadian Poetry. He received a PhD in English Literature from the University of Ottawa a few years ago, but has been working as a technical writer pretty much ever since. Furrows and Barrows – a poem by Rory Tanner
Ann Thomson is an anthropologist by day and writer by night. Ann holds degrees in anthropology and writing. She lives in the Rocky Mountains with her family and her pets, and spends most of her waking hours creating things and working on her master’s thesis. Her poems were recently accepted for publication in the Chiron Review. Floriography – a poem by Ann Thomson
Ahrend Torrey is a creative writing graduate from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. When he is not writing, or working in New Orleans, he enjoys the simpler things in life, like walking around City Park with his husband, Jonathan, and their two rat terriers Dichter and Dova. Forthcoming this year, his collection of poems Small Blue Harbor will be available from The Poetry Box Select imprint.A Question About African Violets – a poem by Ahrend Torrey
Mark Tulin is a former family therapist who lives in Santa Barbara, California.  He has a poetry chapbook, Magical Yogis, published by Prolific Press (2017). He has an upcoming book of short stories entitled, The Asthmatic Kid and Other Stories.  His stories and poetry have appeared in Page and Spine, smokebox, Vita Brevis, Leaves of Ink, The Drabble, among others. His website is Crow On The WireThe Fig Tree – a poem by Mark Tulin Snowy Egret – a poem by Mark Tulin
Peggy Turnbull studied anthropology in college and has a master’s in library and information science.  She has written all her life, mostly in diaries, but after returning to her birthplace in Wisconsin, she began to write poems.  Read them in Poetry Quarterly, Rat’s Ass Review, and New Verse News or visit  .Poem of Attachment – a poem by Peggy Turnbull
Melissa J. Varnavas is a poet, journalist, and editor living in Beverly, Massachusetts. A graduate of the Solstice MFA program at Pine Manor College, her work has appeared in the literary journals in Oberon, End Times, Blast Furnace, Margie, The New Guard, and elsewhere.Another bird poem – a poem by Melissa J. Varnavas
Donna Walker-Nixon was a full professor at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, where she received the distinction of receiving the Mary Stevens Piper award for excellence in teaching. She currently serves as an adjunct lecturer at Baylor. She lists her five primary professional achievements as 1) founding Windhover: A Journal of Christian Literature in 1997, 2) co-editing the Her Texas series with her friend and mentor James Ward Lee, 3) co-founding The Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas 4) publishing her novel Canaan’s Oothoon, and 5) serving as lead editor Her Texas, which has boosted Donna’s faith that the voices of women writers and artists truly mean something to both men and women.
Lucy Whitehead writes haiku and poetry. Her haiku have been published widely in various international journals and anthologies, and her poetry has appeared in Barren Magazine, Black Bough Poetry, Burning House Press, Mookychick Magazine, and Twist in Time Literary Magazine. Her Twitter handle is @blueirispoetry.Sun Worship – a poem by Lucy Whitehead
Anne Whitehouse is the author of six poetry collections Meteor Shower (2016) is her second collection from Dos Madres Press, following The Refrain in 2012. She is the author of a novel, Fall Love, as well as short stories, essays, features, and reviews. She was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and lives in New York City. You can listen to her lecture, “Longfellow, Poe, and the Little Longfellow War” here.THE ANCIENT WORLD – a poem by Anne Whitehouse
Lynn Woollacott grew up with six brothers and three sisters – all older. She had many jobs from sewing buttons on cardigans to working as a lab technician in an all-girls school. She gained a BSc (Hons) with the Open University and went on to teach environmental studies at outdoor centres in Norfolk. Still yearning to write she studied creative writing with the University of East Anglia. Lynn has been widely published and won prizes for poetry, and has published two poetry collections with Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2011 and 2014, and her historical novel is available on Amazon.
Peggy Yusko has been writing and revising poetry for years, but is just beginning to submit some work to publishers.The Brink Of God – a poem by Peggy Yusko
Lisa Zimmerman’s poetry has appeared in Florida Review, Poet Lore, Colorado Review, Cave Wall, SWWIM Every Day and other journals. Her first book won the Violet Reed Haas Poetry Award. Among other collections are The Light at the Edge of Everythingand The Hours I Keep. She’s a four-time Pushcart nominee.Saint Veronica Who is Not Mentioned in the Bible – a poem by Lisa Zimmerman 

John Zurn has earned an M.A. in English from Western Illinois University and spent much of his career as a school teacher.  In addition, John has worked at several developmental training centers, where he taught employment readiness skills to mentally challenged teenagers and adults.  Now retired, he continues to write and publish poems and stories.  As one of seven children, his experiences growing up continue to help inspire his art and influence his life.