Forsythia – a poem by Jennifer Davis Michael

Forsythia Not rose or lily—lovely as they are— but irrepressible forsythia should be the quintessential Easter flower. Rampant yellow, it basks against blue skies, but leaps, exulting, on rainy days. It clashes with your pastel dress. Unruly, its branches arc from earth to heaven. The cross-shaped flower shouts Alleluia, heralding the green leaf, hissing atContinue reading “Forsythia – a poem by Jennifer Davis Michael”

The Good Void – a poem by Alan Rycroft

The Good Void Though I ride through flood and through flame Through death throes and the birthing of a world Through the battlefield’s roar and the Peace of the ships of no thought Crossing the windless sea; Though I sift through sands of delusion Boundless as the truth, May I come at last To theContinue reading “The Good Void – a poem by Alan Rycroft”

Spirit – a poem by Julian Nangle

Spirit As the lock on life finally clicks And the hand that held the key is held up high When its fingers point inward from the mix, Is there the chance the dance of death might die Before the closing speeches on the day Conclude the teachers’ teaching is for those Who know there isContinue reading “Spirit – a poem by Julian Nangle”

The Oil Press – a poem by Fraser McDougall

The Oil Press (Gethsemane) There were no olives in that press And yet, the wheel was turning, No one to witness such distress Not flames, but passion, burning. Nobody saw the olive sweat, Great drops, like blood, descending; No fruits were crushed that night, and yet The oil still flows, unending.   Fraser McDougall hailsContinue reading “The Oil Press – a poem by Fraser McDougall”

To Be A Pilgrim – a poem by Tony Lucas

To Be A Pilgrim Follow the dreamers, vagabonds, the tourists and the true believers, idly curious, always aware your journey’s end may well reveal a little less than you were hoping to discover – only a smallish hill, worn stones, the trickling spring filling a fern-hung basin, buildings that enshrine successive failures to contain theContinue reading “To Be A Pilgrim – a poem by Tony Lucas”

Making the Road of Nine Days, Nine Nights – a poem by Rose Flint

Making the Road of Nine Days, Nine Nights i.m. D.H. There, beyond the gate in the deepening cloudy shadows, there – I am making a road of signs, way-markers for you to follow, for I am told there is a labyrinth to negotiate and evening is fading quickly to blind black. As the ancestors didContinue reading “Making the Road of Nine Days, Nine Nights – a poem by Rose Flint”

from ‘god is waiting in the world’s yard’ – paired poems by MTC Cronin

THE WORLD’S YARD   Right at the back of the world’s yard I am sitting. Happily watching the young woman on the balcony dangling a cigarette and a pink collar. She’s calling her cat who’s conducting a disloyal reconnaissance near a bunch of birds who’ve put down their shovels to have a smoke. Upright, black,Continue reading “from ‘god is waiting in the world’s yard’ – paired poems by MTC Cronin”

Five Annunciations – poems by Rupert Loydell

Five Annunciations ANGELS AND OTHER STRANGERS Angels are too good to be true, the devil has all the best tunes, although you are more likely to meet a stranger than an angel. Someone spoke of divine interventions, of redemption, but we are beyond saving. These days there are not many stories left that I haveContinue reading “Five Annunciations – poems by Rupert Loydell”

Grail Ride – a poem by Caroline Shaw

Caroline Shaw began her career as a journalist, later changing to a naturopathic health practitioner. The spiritual and the search for absolute truths have always underpinned her life’s journey. She also has a deep love of words, which she expresses in short stories and poetry. She is part of the thriving Stroud Poets community andContinue reading “Grail Ride – a poem by Caroline Shaw”

Song for the Beloved – a poem by Thor Bacon

Song for the Beloved I remember leaves above my cradle in the April sun. It took all these years to find again the simple door inside the light. I don’t expect to be understood. Like Moses we were entrusted to the current at an early age. I hope sapphire coffers await any friend I’ve everContinue reading “Song for the Beloved – a poem by Thor Bacon”