Trees Feral for Light – from a sequence by Peter Larkin

Trees Feral for Light (10/15) Peter Larkin’s poetry explores the idea of scarcity in its phenomenological aspects. Previous collections include Lessways Least Scarce Among (2012), and Give Forest Its Next Portent (2014). He contributed to The Ground Aslant: an Anthology of Radical Landscape Poetry, ed. Harriet Tarlo (2011). City Trappings (Housing Heath or Wood) wasContinue reading “Trees Feral for Light – from a sequence by Peter Larkin”

A Pebble for my Father – a poem by Carolyn Oulton

A Pebble for my Father New Year’s Day, and I’d forgotten to bring my own pebble to a sandy beach. In the car park, the road twisting round the bulge of a Victorian pavilion, I’d have dug up the tarmac to get one, dug out grit from under car tyres. Rain daubed lightly on theContinue reading “A Pebble for my Father – a poem by Carolyn Oulton”

Shadow Bobbing – a poem by Michelle Diaz

Shadow Bobbing   See how time moves bones then buries them how thought is apple –hard wormy   Let those cider tears release us may we never down hearts with a petty crunch   Let life peel us the sad, everyday air brown us to the core   Michelle Diaz is a poet who currentlyContinue reading “Shadow Bobbing – a poem by Michelle Diaz”

Homo Ludens – a poem by Tony Lucas

Homo Ludens   The sun’s full disc lifts clear of hills, whitens, and chases purple shadows from the land.   He was up before it, has recited thirty psalms and bared his conscience in the face of God. A lizard living in a cleft beside the cave’s dry mouth – his closest neighbour – moves intoContinue reading “Homo Ludens – a poem by Tony Lucas”

The concept of right and wrong – a poem by Claire Sexton

The concept of right and wrong An ethical foundation can be a wonderful thing, but it separates you from other people, with a barbed wire fence. The concept of right and wrong Is outmoded, and pilloried, left, right, and centre. Like grammar, and the Oxford comma, it makes no sense to so many. A lookContinue reading “The concept of right and wrong – a poem by Claire Sexton”

Cathedral (I) – a poem by Jen Rouse

Cathedral I Once I worshipped Paris from the top of Sacré-Coeur, spent my last genuflect-moment at the tattered train of Notre Dame, bathing in biblical light. In the crypts of St. Paul, I wept. I am called to the word cathedral, where the mother city lives— come into her body, the gentle rocking womb ofContinue reading “Cathedral (I) – a poem by Jen Rouse”

House of Words – a poem by Jim Aitken

House of Words I walk the empty aisles and sit along a row of empty seats. The faded fresco above me seems to invite a form of words. And words seem to be everywhere – from stone columns to wooden beams, from the altar to the lectern – they fill the air in words onceContinue reading “House of Words – a poem by Jim Aitken”

Statueing – a poem by Wayne-Daniel Berard

Statueing No one said Enlightenment would mean this your joy unbearable to those you bear. “Thank you thank you” they weep as they back away changing next to nothing grateful for your being right there way over there but locking the temple doors from the outside a switch to flick how dark is this enlightening.Continue reading “Statueing – a poem by Wayne-Daniel Berard”

Wood Pigeon – a poem by Carolyn Oulton

Wood Pigeon In the wood is a moss-brushed stump green like the mouth of a well. From it one can see bracken playing cat’s cradle with the spider’s web that is slowly pulling it down. First there is a wooden sign post to chase across a field of scratchy colours. All this must be negotiatedContinue reading “Wood Pigeon – a poem by Carolyn Oulton”

The Virgin of Pico Rivera with Child – a poem by Richard Manly Heiman

The Virgin of Pico Rivera with Child after artist Jaime “Germs” Zacarias   I saw you in the rundown K-Mart on Cudahy. Guadalupe miracle teen mom like a cuttlefish, cuddling baby cephalopod wrapped in swaddling clothes or a quondam shroud. No polyester sweaters covered boneless arms. No lotion soothed dry suckers. No infant hoodies inContinue reading “The Virgin of Pico Rivera with Child – a poem by Richard Manly Heiman”