The Path of Ghosts – a poem by Antoni Ooto

The Path of Ghosts huge night unwraps what folds silently in the half light quivering in the evening mist losing the sense of day the sound, a different place to sway familiar specters with an eye to the next path moving along losing a little feeling the world roll beneath knowing others are present andContinue reading “The Path of Ghosts – a poem by Antoni Ooto”

Goddess of Wind – a poem by Kyle Laws

Goddess of Wind She has a wingspan, chest shaped into kite that can soar above limestone cliffs over the lake formed of a river off the Continental Divide. Puzzled that no one else knows how to fly, so simple in dreams—stretch out your arms and step off into a wind that carries you across theContinue reading “Goddess of Wind – a poem by Kyle Laws”

Absence – a poem by Janet Krauss

Absence Gone is the birch tree that filled the corner window, its white amidst the notches of black quietly assumed peace exists. I search for the tree in pictures, lithe, drop shaped leaves in spring, flurry of color in autumn, and locked in ice in winter. So locked in the present is the absence ofContinue reading “Absence – a poem by Janet Krauss”

We Christen the Canoe Sunday School – a poem by Dayna Patterson

We Christen the Canoe Sunday School For silver lake, and mist scudding water, knocking boats at the dock, and oarlocks, plastic ponchos made from garbage sacks, and the hour of rain that made us miserable, thank you. Thank you for a warm wind luffing us dry, and blue minnows of smoke rising between pines, aContinue reading “We Christen the Canoe Sunday School – a poem by Dayna Patterson”

All the Time in the World – a poem by Rupert Loydell

All the Time in the World Imaginary friends are leaving us and it’s about time. Let new love start and the city deconstruct itself before evolution begins. The architect of ruins has quite a job, with a pay packet to match, but he is a two-headed snake and you should avoid listening to his hollowContinue reading “All the Time in the World – a poem by Rupert Loydell”

THE BACK OF THE TABLETS – a short story by Wayne-Daniel Berard

THE BACK OF THE TABLETS “Here!” the young man almost shouted and dumped the contents of the bag onto the rebbe’s desk. Pieces of blanched, yellow stone, pock-marked and worn, spilled out across the green blotter. The young man slumped into a chair in the corner of the office. The rebbe merely sat, unmoved, atContinue reading “THE BACK OF THE TABLETS – a short story by Wayne-Daniel Berard”

The Mirror and the Candle – a story by Wayne-Daniel Berard

The Mirror and the Candle Once upon 2.5 million years ago, the climate began once more to change. Life became drier, less fluid, more difficult. The rain forests began to withdraw; in their place, grassy savannas manifested themselves. The great, green canopy upon which so much life had depended gave way to vast expanses ofContinue reading “The Mirror and the Candle – a story by Wayne-Daniel Berard”

Tell No One – a poem by Todd Copeland

Tell No One Peter had built them after all. Three tabernacles stood empty when we returned in the evening, darkness following us up the mountainside. We stood where Moses and Elijah had appeared. Neither of us had expected to find anything, and yet we couldn’t resist the dreaming of our hearts. We knelt where weContinue reading “Tell No One – a poem by Todd Copeland”

On gazing up – a poem by David Hanlon

On gazing up Let ego fade into foliage seas into burnt orange…….fringed clouds sailing above Restlessness…………downward spiral…..pirouetting leaves from Oak trees……….they stand insistent………they encircle a way of life hardship testing character Testing your skin……..peeled plum bark scratch Leaves pull apart at their veins We only glide………on the eagle-span wings of essence dodge surface………structured artifice TroublesContinue reading “On gazing up – a poem by David Hanlon”

An Artist’s Still Lives – a poem by Deborah Guzzi

  Deborah Guzzi writes full-time. Her book, The Hurricane, is available through Prolific Press. Her poetry appears in Allegro, Shooter, Amethyst Review & Foxglove in the UK-Existere, Ekphrastic Review, Scarlet Leaf Review & Subterranean Blue, Canada – Tincture, Australia – Datura, France –Vine Leaves Australia – Scarlet Leaf Review – Greece—& many in the USA.