Numen – a poem by Sanjeev Sethi

Numen Inclemency turns on the atmospheric pulse to smudge the shift. This is not a taint. When stars bounce you cannot bridle them. At best you can alter future spins. Forlorn edges look for links. Langue of a family stings. In numbness of one’s inner self fenestration oxygenates. Sanjeev Sethi is the author of three booksContinue reading “Numen – a poem by Sanjeev Sethi”

Metaphysical Queries – a poem by Adam Levon Brown

Metaphysical Queries Have you ever stopped to think of the vibrational energy of your being? How the naked human senses can only see within a super-limited scope? Hell, dogs sense more than us. And then stop to think that maybe you’re in more places than one because of a potential multiverse? I’m just sitting hereContinue reading “Metaphysical Queries – a poem by Adam Levon Brown”

Cardio Theater – a poem by Tom Snarsky

Cardio Theater This flock of birds feeds on willingness to merge with others in a common flight over our quantum terrain of meaning- lessness, our perplexed transvection an object for discussion or disdain or distant mistrust, at least for as long as our fathers are still around, seemingly always recited in the King James translation,Continue reading “Cardio Theater – a poem by Tom Snarsky”

abandoned church – a poem by Rebecca Kokitus

abandoned church hardwood littered with candles and hymnal pages / feel my flesh crawl like cobweb brush, ghost finger caress / half inside half out like purgatory false idol nightmare face painted above the altar / forever smirking at “til death do us part” / batshit crazy stir crazy Jesus / tired of haunting thisContinue reading “abandoned church – a poem by Rebecca Kokitus”

Moving on Water – a poem by Carolyn Oulton

Moving on Water The wind coming down is thrown into rock by the sea’s fist over and over. This water is solid to the touch, wedge-shaped gulls are rocking to its beat and its veins run like a map of the hand that is always being punctured and made whole again.   Carolyn Oulton‘s poetryContinue reading “Moving on Water – a poem by Carolyn Oulton”

illumined absences: iii – a poem by Sudeep Adhikari

illumined absences: iii there is an absolute calm beyond the spreadsheets of my saudade; the songster under-souls, I can hear their chirps and rhythm of the absence entwined with the sonic multitude of my mundane contracts. what can’t be said, must be passed over in silence, wittgenstein said. buddha did not utter a freaking word.Continue reading “illumined absences: iii – a poem by Sudeep Adhikari”

And so I say – a poem by Adam Levon Brown

And so I say   Hypnotic transience circulates through the body of time   And so I say;   Dance with the bones of your ancestors until you join them   Hedonists sip on the philosophical   And so I say;   Burn in the flames and spread your ashes to the edge of theContinue reading “And so I say – a poem by Adam Levon Brown”

A View from a Window – a poem by Janet Krauss

A View from a Window after the Charlottesville, VA race riots, August, 2017 The birds like to perch on the leafless tree. “They have a better view of things,”my husband observed. A better view whether they sit together, or on separate branches. Clear all around to rest a while, test the air, the wind whereContinue reading “A View from a Window – a poem by Janet Krauss”

Aging, Weston Priory – a poem by Wayne-Daniel Berard

Aging, Weston Priory Who will last longer, me or this place? It feels like an old marriage. We say to each other, “Don’t be hurt, but I hope I go first.” In its heyday, this hill Vatican II Woodstock every Sunday. I never came then, youthfully declaiming “if everyone likes it, there must be somethingContinue reading “Aging, Weston Priory – a poem by Wayne-Daniel Berard”