Wind, Whispering – a poem by KB Ballentine

Wind, Whispering Flecks of leaves and sun dust the water – molasses-brown haze of mud and mangroves, roots curve in cobwebbed barks. Wood ducks and song birds summon her, pink flush just beginning to stipple eggs, nests etched into cups of twig and straw. Winter’s mourning wanes. An egret nods once then pierces the stillness,Continue reading “Wind, Whispering – a poem by KB Ballentine”

Thrill Seeker – a poem by Emily-Sue Sloane

Thrill Seeker The one who walks a tightrope across canyons invites the Specter in for tea and conversation His balancing pole, arcing toward ground, etches the line between fate and faith, living and leaving His quick, delicate steps bounce the wire in an improvised midair ballet performed joyfully on the crescendo of silent prayer  Continue reading “Thrill Seeker – a poem by Emily-Sue Sloane”

All I Ever Had – a short story by Mike Neis

All I Ever Had Christianity marked us, but it marked you, my dear sister, more than anyone I knew. Mom hated it. She hated anything that threatened the household. I never saw her so angry as when you took me to be baptized. After that, she stopped speaking to you. Dad liked talking about ChristianityContinue reading “All I Ever Had – a short story by Mike Neis”

Limen – a poem by Marian Christie

  Marian Christie’s poetry has appeared in, among others, Allegro, Black Bough, Independent Variable and Pushing out the Boat. When not writing or reading poetry, Marian looks at the stars, puzzles over the laws of physics, listens to birdsong and crochets gifts for her grandchildren. She lives in Kent. Website: Twitter: @marian_v_o.

Waystation – a poem by Kyle Laws

Waystation —after a photograph by Barbara Jabaily Sun burns a cross into the frozen lake century old bristlecone pines circling round as audience to those who left prints in the snow. The sun did this, not as it rose but as it set into Wet Mountains in the Sangre de Cristo Range. I look atContinue reading “Waystation – a poem by Kyle Laws”

Ocean Whispers – a poem by Mark  Tulin

Ocean Whispers I believe in the ocean. I worship quietly in her liquid comfort without fanfare, in her smaller bodies of saltwater, the inlets and the bays, along her shoreline where seaweed skids into a foamy paste, exchanging a few sacred whispers, a heavenly sun to illuminate her presence, an impromptu hymn from the saintsContinue reading “Ocean Whispers – a poem by Mark  Tulin”

For the Sorrowing – a poem by Melissa Chappell

For the Sorrowing There is a tree down by the river. By a stubborn piece of bark a solitary branch clings to its trunk. We are so frail, yet by a stubborn piece of hope we cling to a life dug deep. At a given moment we may be seized by a wind so strong,Continue reading “For the Sorrowing – a poem by Melissa Chappell”

Who Stopped? – a poem by Marjorie Moorhead

Who Stopped? Forgetting begins when we leave a world of beauty, belonging, imagination; tactile closeness to clouds, the stars, the leaves; as if there’s no separation; no distance to travel. Reaching, reaching yearning to touch; reunite. We turn from the world that is a net; a weave that holds us all; all things. Remember whenContinue reading “Who Stopped? – a poem by Marjorie Moorhead”

Southwark Cathedral – a poem by Edward Alport

Southwark Cathedral If the gnarled veined fingers Of an old grey man, Stretched up a hundred feet Above my head, With fingers interlaced, And nails silver painted, And wrists all decorated, By the dead Then I could believe I was in the cathedral, And it may say something For the soul of stone, That theContinue reading “Southwark Cathedral – a poem by Edward Alport”