Venetian Landing Crafts: A Survey – a poem by Thomas Simmons

Venetian Landing Crafts: A Survey That manmade debris Those landing crafts of ours stubbornly sticking to the planet surface insisting upon their own contributions to Venus’s winds and turbulences stubbornly creating tiny vortices for the winds to notice – a scherzo melody Such stubborn beautiful soldiers saluting upon Hoary Venus Precarious Venus frozen in placeContinue reading “Venetian Landing Crafts: A Survey – a poem by Thomas Simmons”

Vinyasa – a poem by Susan Delaney Spear

Vinyasa Beyond the glass the world is white, a frozen winter morning scape. A chimney’s wisp of smoke floats by. Tall trees root down to stand upright, as branches rise and tat the sky’s seamless achromatic cape. Inside, each yogi breathes on cue and gradually our breath aligns. We bend, our heads beneath our hearts.Continue reading “Vinyasa – a poem by Susan Delaney Spear”

First Law of Thermodynamics – a poem by T. S. Davis

First Law of Thermodynamics: Neither Matter nor Energy Can Be Created or Destroyed The Buddhists believe that we keep coming back trying to get this living thing right, which they call Samsara, a state of death and rebirth that supposedly we’re all stuck in until we do get it right and achieve what they callContinue reading “First Law of Thermodynamics – a poem by T. S. Davis”

Waterlily Pond Vignettes – a poem by Ellen Chia

Waterlily Pond Vignettes * Scented bowls of light; Each brimming with hymms On wings humming gratitude. * Subtly, one by one, Like fingers counting down, She furls each of her violet sleeves Towards her heart. The gloaming is hers for the keeping Sans foraging buzz, Sans burden of glamour and dazzle. * Green-veined plates ServedContinue reading “Waterlily Pond Vignettes – a poem by Ellen Chia”

New Year’s Eve – a poem by Carolyn Oulton

New Year’s Eve For a friend who died, a friend who used to love me and a friend who taught me something about silence. People don’t talk about death. She’d wanted to come on that walk. Keep changing the subject when it’s suggested again and again. This is a stage of silence, its edges chippingContinue reading “New Year’s Eve – a poem by Carolyn Oulton”

Beatitudes of January – a poem by Fredric Hildebrand

Beatitudes of January Blessed is the staying in bed cold winter darkness. Blessed is the booming and breaking river ice. Blessed is the speeding street scraping snow plow. Blessed is the punctual growl of the newspaper man’s broken muffler. Blessed is the dutiful bark of the neighbor’s dog. Blessed is the biting and whistling northContinue reading “Beatitudes of January – a poem by Fredric Hildebrand”

Spin Out – a poem by Patsy Kate Booth

Spin Out Kabir said, “Friend, please tell me what I can do about this world I hold to, and keep spinning out!” The mystic poet curls inside the cup of lotus blossom tea. The steam, his breath, clouds my breath. (Persia kisses my mouth) His bones, a mist that fogs my spectacles In a dervishContinue reading “Spin Out – a poem by Patsy Kate Booth”

ICHTHYS – an essay by Annie Blake

ICHTHYS ‘…so go down to the lake and throw in a line. Open the mouth of the first fish you catch, and you will find a large silver coin.’ Matthew 17:27 Words are like a human body, meaning that they are the outer skin of one’s potential. The constitution of words wait heavily pregnant withContinue reading “ICHTHYS – an essay by Annie Blake”

Dancing the Wheel – a poem by Kim Malinowski

Dancing the Wheel I was meek as I picked up river stones, deep gray, some quite large, others quite small. These millennia old stones, smoothed and polished by chilled water for thousands of years, each one, heavy in my hand. I danced the wheel without jade for wisdom, without amber for strength, no peridot forContinue reading “Dancing the Wheel – a poem by Kim Malinowski”