HUMMINGBIRD – a poem by Matt Duggan

HUMMINGBIRD We plant another god in our city let lungs scarred breathe again – for man’s sorrows are clearly written on the broken heels of dying Pan. Flights of birds – drifts in open space blades of turpentine twist the wood; soil erodes mouths of ancient tribes – hummingbird remembers what was once home. TheContinue reading “HUMMINGBIRD – a poem by Matt Duggan”

The Divine Parental (A Contrapuntal Poem) – by Angelica Whitehorne

The Divine Parental (A Contrapuntal Poem)   Angelica Whitehorne is a recent college graduate who writes for the Development department of a refugee organization in New York. At home she writes her poetry and stories with her 10 plants as backdrop and her future on her tongue. She has forthcoming work in the Magnolia Review, CrackContinue reading “The Divine Parental (A Contrapuntal Poem) – by Angelica Whitehorne”

Limpidity – a poem by Sanjeev Sethi

Limpidity Hat in hand I genuflect to the All Powerful: sifting for His presence within my perimeter. I burnish His simulacrum with my being. When I waver I notice His need. I wish there were real ways of realizing Him. A word of honor not the puff of texts. I itch for His blacklist. .Continue reading “Limpidity – a poem by Sanjeev Sethi”

Canto II – a poem by Andrew Hutto

Canto II In the earliest age of the gods, existence was born from non-existence (Rigveda X.LXXII.II ) Extended leg pistol squats, CCTV robberies — Think oft’ truly well, the days before Anna and Olly They made lemonade popsicles and fed waterfowl oats. …………..Deep entombed, the austere was always subtle. …………..Paint fence posts white and paintContinue reading “Canto II – a poem by Andrew Hutto”

A Song for This Morning – a poem by Marjorie Moorhead

A Song for This Morning I saw the baby Robins being fed in their nest this morning. Little head/beak shapes pointed skyward and mother Robin depositing food there. Upstretched yearning was met with just what it needs. Just what it asks for. And nothing expected in exchange. No bargaining or requirements in payment. Nothing expectedContinue reading “A Song for This Morning – a poem by Marjorie Moorhead”

the space between us – a poem by Jill Crainshaw

the space between us for now we see through a glass dimly but then we shall see face to face so said a man called paul in holy writ what manner of crystal ball did he peer into and see how I wait today by a window to glimpse like mottled koi beneath murky waterContinue reading “the space between us – a poem by Jill Crainshaw”

After Reading a Poem Titled “The Entrance to Purgatory” by Iain Lonie – a poem by Lisa Zimmerman

After Reading a Poem Titled “The Entrance to Purgatory” by Iain Lonie The architecture of isolation is something about air around everything, the way light encircles the first daffodils, encourages their singular golden opening with a bit of space between each of them on their hollow stems. The architecture of waiting is something about droppingContinue reading “After Reading a Poem Titled “The Entrance to Purgatory” by Iain Lonie – a poem by Lisa Zimmerman”

Mystery – a poem by Kali Lightfoot

Mystery The second step we take in AA is to believe in a power greater than ourselves. Newly sober, I tried to trust in a peaceful alpine meadow, then the love of the AA group itself; later I embraced the eastern pantheon, so different from the trinity I had tried and failed to love. IContinue reading “Mystery – a poem by Kali Lightfoot”