NY Minute – a poem by Morgan Driscoll

NY Minute I stand in the street no cars, just sun blazing, off the oiled tar, my wrists extended like offerings. Take the blood that moves below the skin, red. like the dawn that barely warms this winter Sunday. Take it, fill it with light, leach corruption from nighttime furies: the heat that will notContinue reading “NY Minute – a poem by Morgan Driscoll”

From the Ashes – a poem by Caroline Johnstone

From the Ashes Rekindle the divine spark If life would try To snuff it out, or Blind with smoke and mirrors. Be your own fire keeper. Defend and watch the embers well. See that from the ashes The mighty Phoenix rise. Inhale. Exhale. Glow. Repeat.   Caroline Johnstone is originally from Northern Ireland, now livingContinue reading “From the Ashes – a poem by Caroline Johnstone”

Baptism of Your Fire – a poem by Morgan Driscoll

Baptism of Your Fire Full immersion pushed within, beneath, your smile, your skin. Pushed below the sacred water I came up gasping for more. Not air, not warmth of soft robes, not prayer, but double dose of pure elation: from love not asking for salvation but righteousness, that fonts from feeling right. A coupling toContinue reading “Baptism of Your Fire – a poem by Morgan Driscoll”

Hohokam – a poem by David Chorlton

Hohokam A coyote barks back at the sunlight from among rocks marked with directions to the stars when the people who were here before him walked to the edge of the Earth and continued into the darkness that spread around the mountain each night and gave no indication of where the next step leads. DavidContinue reading “Hohokam – a poem by David Chorlton”

An Unrepentant Sorceress Before the Mexican Inquisition – a poem by Ray Ball

An Unrepentant Sorceress Before the Mexican Inquisition   the men of the cloth preached / proclaimed it was a terrible heresy for María / to cast enchantments to look upon the naked bodies of men / and know (them) / witnesses denounced her / conjuror of love and other magics / a single woman /Continue reading “An Unrepentant Sorceress Before the Mexican Inquisition – a poem by Ray Ball”

Fuzzy-Felt Utopia – a poem by Rupert Loydell

Fuzzy-Felt Utopia I am God, and here is my fuzzy-felt utopia. You can stick angels anywhere you like and play the free CD of heavenly music whilst you do so. It won’t hurt will it? I bumped into a person from a past-life as I deposited my coat in the cloakroom. He was just asContinue reading “Fuzzy-Felt Utopia – a poem by Rupert Loydell”

Pessach – a poem by Sally Michaelson

Pessach Despite its name Seder without Dad has no order velvet kippah at jaunty angle, face flushed from Kiddush wine taking turns to read the Haggada, cup overflowing for Elijah to drink, too tired and full to say the Birkat Notes Pessach Jewish holiday of Passover Haggada prayer book recounting the Exodus Egypt Birkat HamazonContinue reading “Pessach – a poem by Sally Michaelson”

New Melleray Abbey – a poem by Chuck Thompson

New Melleray Abbey Hewn white stone, one on top of another, side by side, immense, Tailored to stand strong through wind and rain, through heat and snow. Surrounded by crops and rare ennui, like a demanding orchestra at break, the sky always a hymn, horizon to horizon, blue dome, backlit, like the antiphony of candles.Continue reading “New Melleray Abbey – a poem by Chuck Thompson”

First Orchestration on Reflective Space – a poem by Neil Leadbeater

First Orchestration on Reflective Space The need for several minds. Several minds in the one mind all working to the same purpose. The first: mathematical; the second: spatial; the third: functional; the fourth: creative. The chance above all for dreamtime – the space in which you learn to dance. Great sambas will come of it.Continue reading “First Orchestration on Reflective Space – a poem by Neil Leadbeater”

Altar Yourself – a poem by Caroline Johnstone

Altar Yourself The Altar’s set, With fire made ready, Incense and candlelight To fill our senses, And sage to purify And open up the road to bliss. A virtual fireplace where We pull an armchair up. For time is stilled, To merge with the eternal, And meet with the Divine And new beginnings. Our well-belovedContinue reading “Altar Yourself – a poem by Caroline Johnstone”