Hearts – Creative Nonfiction by Donna Walker-Nixon

Hearts My husband has concluded when this life ends, we slide into a sink hole of nothingness and that’s that. A friend who turns 88 this year wants to go to sleep and wake up dead. That view provides more comfort than the Sink Hole Theory of Life after Death, but not enough. Every dayContinue reading “Hearts – Creative Nonfiction by Donna Walker-Nixon”

Leeds-Bradford Airport – a poem by Sam Hickford

Leeds-Bradford Airport (genuine thanks to Rahul Gupta, the proper scop, for teaching me so much about poetry.) “With its strong underlying fundamentals including freehold ownership with well-invested infrastructure, a diversified airline mix and its catchment area in an economic hub of the North of England, Leeds Bradford Airport is a highly attractive investment and aContinue reading “Leeds-Bradford Airport – a poem by Sam Hickford”

Illuminating – a poem by Kelly-Girl Johnston

Illuminating The den is an inky bluish black, murky like rain has spilled fountain jets, soaking the place with fluid darkness. A small yellow bulb pitches a triangle of ……….daylight onto an empty chair —an open book overturned— to keep the reader’s place. * * * Kelly-Girl Johnston is an autistic writer, visual artist, nascentContinue reading “Illuminating – a poem by Kelly-Girl Johnston”

Summer Sunday – a poem by Edward Alport

Summer Sunday On a day like this When the sun beats down like an accusation And the heart pants for cooling streams, Any shade is succour to the soul. The church beckons With a sweet, cool dimness, A not-quite-silence, And a not-quite-scent. The comfort of habit And the distant caress Of someone I knew onceContinue reading “Summer Sunday – a poem by Edward Alport”

Better than We Could Dream to Be– a poem by Sarah A. Etlinger

Better than We Could Dream to Be– Listen to the wind singing memory to sleep its lullaby in the leaves Spring and summer are coming and so are you rising from the fog and waiting for me to find you just as I found you that day we walked to the beach feet combing theContinue reading “Better than We Could Dream to Be– a poem by Sarah A. Etlinger”

Behind the Mask – a poem by Deborah Guzzi

Behind the Mask Like chalk-dust on a blackboard, the sky hid the sins of the father from the children of Switzerland. Nationalism fostered by religious intolerance erased the glorious art of Catholicism by writ, replacing it with barren rock. This humanist art taught the lessons of another age, one without Martin Luther. plaster frescos cringeContinue reading “Behind the Mask – a poem by Deborah Guzzi”

Grace – a poem by Ariella Katz

Grace tassel eared red-tinged squirrels scampering to the top of the birch inching their bellies upward on black spring bark wet with dew paws thumping, tails racing, branches trembling tails quivering like rival trumpets, teasing each other to the tip of a slender branch sagging beneath their weight… a flash of red silence just theContinue reading “Grace – a poem by Ariella Katz”

Floriography – a poem by Ann Thomson

Ann Thomson is an anthropologist by day and writer by night. Ann holds degrees in anthropology and writing. She lives in the Rocky Mountains with her family and her pets, and spends most of her waking hours creating things and working on her master’s thesis. Her poems were recently accepted for publication in the ChironContinue reading “Floriography – a poem by Ann Thomson”

Meet You Running – a poem by Judy DeCroce

Meet You Running I am thirty or eighty asleep, awake, the same, sliding around a slippery joinery where dreams occlude phases of my life. a child… a love… a death… Here I am without pain squinting to a sandy ocean… beside us, a dog smiles. I flip through events, years. Awake, there is not evenContinue reading “Meet You Running – a poem by Judy DeCroce”

Next – a short story by Wayne-Daniel Berard

Next (from Tony deMello) “Well, that’s appropriate. Of course. Leave it to you not to do anything ironic.” Bernie had just told his best friend that he had an enlarged heart. All johnnied and propped up. In his bed in the emergency room. And Bill was making jokes. All was right with the world. JustContinue reading “Next – a short story by Wayne-Daniel Berard”