THE LAST THING I SAW BEFORE MY ACCIDENT The silver cross hanging from my rearview mirror, blessed by an Esquipulan priest with water from la Basilica, holy Milagroso Cristo Moreno – Patrono de Guatemala. Saved from the wreckage, Enterprise Rental mailed la cruz in a simple white envelope. In my Delta ’88 Oldsmobile, magnificent replicaContinue reading “THE LAST THING I SAW BEFORE MY ACCIDENT – a poem by Laura Sweeney”

The Bell Tower – a poem by Lynn Woollacott

The Bell Tower   Lynn Woollacott grew up with six brothers and three sisters – all older. She had many jobs from sewing buttons on cardigans to working as a lab technician in an all-girls school. She gained a BSc (Hons) with the Open University and went on to teach environmental studies at outdoor centresContinue reading “The Bell Tower – a poem by Lynn Woollacott”

RAISING THE DEAD – an essay by Annie Blake

RAISING THE DEAD Reflecting on life to awaken to a fuller realization of reality is a thoroughgoing and painful undertaking. But also serves to relieve and reward as it involves stripping back the burdens and restrictions of old attitudes. Writing is engaging with the Pieta Covenant1 or a relationship with oneself. It is a conditionContinue reading “RAISING THE DEAD – an essay by Annie Blake”

Christ – a poem by Irina Kuzminsky

Christ   He withdrew only to return And plant the spirit in the bone Of human flesh. His followers – a different matter. They sought the isolation of the peaks The solitude of forests and of deserts Above all – to escape from all too human flesh And all too human matters. What He redeemedContinue reading “Christ – a poem by Irina Kuzminsky”

Who is God if not my Cat? – a poem by Rachel Tanner

“who is god if not my cat?” sitting still sunning on the rug in front of the window, he breathes in, breathes out, breathes easy. he dreams of rabbits, maybe, but i don’t know if he’s ever seen one; he lives his life indoors. he’s old now so when he moves, he moves slowly. intentionally.Continue reading “Who is God if not my Cat? – a poem by Rachel Tanner”

Choreography – a poem by Kathryn MacDonald

Choreography Frigate birds soar skyward become specks of dust in the blue before slow spirals toward sea their wingspan increasing split tails………….like swallows gliding aerial grace………..becoming kites on currents floating on aqua ripples. Sunshine warms bare legs spread for balance on the foredeck eyes shielded against glare while becoming other shedding feathers and scales untilContinue reading “Choreography – a poem by Kathryn MacDonald”

Mr Cassian’s 51st Dream – a poem by Tim Miller

Mr Cassian’s 51st Dream I watch from the woods as he disperses not seeds but metals and stone and some coins, scattering them far over the spring earth from the satchel slung over his shoulder. And I stay to watch spring come and I see bodies there, growing up out of the ground, nourished byContinue reading “Mr Cassian’s 51st Dream – a poem by Tim Miller”

To Feel Transcendent – a poem by Janet Krauss

To Feel Transcendent It is not taking an imaginary flight toward stilled tarns locked in sunlight away from stones pricking your feet under a low brood of scudding clouds. It is not sensing a god’s presence dimming the trees and hills with its blinding rays. It is catching the glint of a flock of geeseContinue reading “To Feel Transcendent – a poem by Janet Krauss”

Air, Airports – a poem by Marjorie Maddox

Air, Airports in memory of Anya Krogovoy Silver After that first conference, her words still sparking synapse after synapse, I took off into air, her sentences the contraband I hid behind a skull that looked sane enough and was, transporting sharp syllables of God and grief beneath the thin skin of humanness I clung toContinue reading “Air, Airports – a poem by Marjorie Maddox”

Celestial Jazz – a poem by Rickey Rivers Jr.

Celestial Jazz Strange bodies, celestial, cannot be contained by ropes, rules of this life unfamiliar and foreign. How can you contain such concepts? How do you adhere? Floating bodies passing through a sea of ideas, large open mouths tasting excellence. Oh, this life has taken its toll. Rickey Rivers Jr was born and raised inContinue reading “Celestial Jazz – a poem by Rickey Rivers Jr.”