Icon – a poem by Charles Haddox

Icon An icon circumscribed by crepuscular sanctuary, .                                                sober slatted roof, mud wall— a trapped butterfly colors the slightness. The lamplit aerie inhabits geography: antiphons, tempera, archaic stanchions, and finally, an elevated wine-bearer, victor, gilded. All-teacher, cover Your unendurable transfiguration in nectar, pomegranates, cloud. Carpenter of isolation, attentively ignite the nocturnal presence, and […]

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CATHEDRAL – a poem by John Short

CATHEDRAL Beneath its dizzy heights public footsteps ring a tapestry of sound. Time surrenders here, hushed voices slice through space. In ancient plans the sky has been considered, clouds float across ascending lengths of glass not stained but clear while high in the dome’s recesses portholes angle to paradise. Thick with prayers, stone walls are […]

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