Dear Dreamer – a poem by John Rock

Dear Dreamer Deer singing the world into being Deer rolling the rocks from the cave door Antlers emerging from the chinks of the flaring woodstove A beloved’s tracks In my heart gathered On the moon tonight Eating night’s highest flowers and blue pools Milkweed and moon Shedding the snows of life Quilts of seed CoatsContinue reading “Dear Dreamer – a poem by John Rock”

Renewal – a poem by Ann Weil

Renewal The sheets at Frances Street Are as soft as a lover’s caress. I’ll just stay here today, I think. A bed-in, protest of sorts Against venturing out Once again into the Unknown of the day. But the sheets have a serious rival. Through the curtain gap I glimpse golden light, The kind that beckonsContinue reading “Renewal – a poem by Ann Weil”

No Good Meditation – a reflection by John Backman

No Good Meditation   6:10 a.m. Semi-lotus, hands in lap, eyes front. Focus soft. Chin tucked. Go. Sitting. I am sitting. That’s what Zen masters tell us to focus on. Wait, no, there’s no I involved. Just sitting. Sitting. I shall have shredded wheat this morning. Sumatran coffee. Drifting. Hurt’s still there. Wonder if IContinue reading “No Good Meditation – a reflection by John Backman”

Her Own Kind of Cloister – flash fiction by Marsha Timblin

Her Own Kind of Cloister In the empty twilight of an overcast Monday afternoon, Elizabeth took the Lord’s name in vain. Loudly. Aggressively. The whole sanctuary reverberated with her “God fucking damn it!” It bounced off every pane of stained glass, every sacred icon, every wood-carved cross. It seeped into the vestments of the altar.Continue reading “Her Own Kind of Cloister – flash fiction by Marsha Timblin”

Pan-Cake Day – a poem by Edward Alport

Pan-Cake Day Winter’s time is running out. We’ve got it in a corner, trapped and on the ropes. Its fangs are out, now, Weaving and striking for the throat, Claws out And pale with desperation. That final slice of predatory cold Glints in its eyes, On the windows, In the fires, While winter waits onContinue reading “Pan-Cake Day – a poem by Edward Alport”

Hibernal – a poem by Todd Copeland

Hibernal Late February, the darkness ecumenical beneath the night’s new moon. Another norther filigrees fallen leaves and windowpanes with a delicate, light frost. Why draw a line between the living and the dead on such a night, when the darkness within everything everywhere acknowledges itself? One stares through a window at the allusive, bituminous view,Continue reading “Hibernal – a poem by Todd Copeland”

Creative Matrix – a poem by Yuan Changming

Creative Matrix . Yuan Changming published monographs on translation before leaving his native country. Currently, Yuan edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Qing Yuan in Vancouver. Credits include ten Pushcart nominations, eight chapbooks & publications in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17) & BestNewPoemsOnline, among 1,609 others across 43 countries.

Saffron Monk – a poem by Heather M. Browne

Saffron Monk The saffron monk sits still Upon the bench of wood Feet tucked Wrapped round and round in streams of cloth Rippling rivers rise He is a mountain A hive of bees Honey held sacred within his soul His chant a buzzing calm His offering He is a giant cinnamon bear Warm and roughContinue reading “Saffron Monk – a poem by Heather M. Browne”

Whisper – a poem by Marjorie Moorhead

Whisper When sky is baby blue and the clouds mirror newly fallen snow, white fluffs clean and crisp, tucked in around all edges, a comforter matching robin’s egg, and the trees, who whisper to each other constantly, trunks gently swaying, branches bare, but not brittle, what are they saying?   Marjorie Moorhead writes from aContinue reading “Whisper – a poem by Marjorie Moorhead”

Red letter days – a poem by Kate Garrett

Red letter days Before I could hold my head upright, I’d been going to church every week – nestled in a corner of the Sunday school room, snug in a baby seat, a beatific smile radiating peace, at Christmastime reminding the older children of our infant Lord. Later I grew curious, asked questions of GodContinue reading “Red letter days – a poem by Kate Garrett”