Become – a poem by Johana-Marie Williams

Become ………Why aren’t i a poet? ………a slam poet, a free-styler, from the tip of my tongue ………to the tip of your mind and you like that don’t you, ………“tip of your mind”? Why can’t my words flow in the free wheeling free rhyming rhythm that so many others of my descent seem to be fully capable of? Is thatContinue reading “Become – a poem by Johana-Marie Williams”

Acolyte – a poem by Eabhan Ní Shuileabháin

Acolyte I wait here for you every night, all night, my back strong, my hands resting, my eyes staring straight ahead, unseeing. They think I am meditating, They watch me every night, yearning, praying; in the day, they give me courteous words, treat me with hushed respect. They see me as a mistress of emotion,Continue reading “Acolyte – a poem by Eabhan Ní Shuileabháin”

At long last – a poem by Fabrice Poussin

At long last As if in the enjoyment of a final breath she sits at the threshold of tomorrow choosing the snowy peak of Mt Blanc for the purity of its jagged creation. Her eyes are closed as a gate to the senses a statue on her throne in light muslin she lives inside whereContinue reading “At long last – a poem by Fabrice Poussin”

Bending Light – a poem by Maria Mazzenga

Bending Light around the curve of summer’s first day the sun jumps, leaps to the left, she’s citrus in orange neon, shimmering wide hips, wailing like a siren— cars swerve as she shimmies across the street after all, half the world’s on fire, lunatic bugs buzz like mad, blazing with her waxy drippings forget circumferencesContinue reading “Bending Light – a poem by Maria Mazzenga”

Source Code on Blackheath, London March 20th, 2015 – a poem by Jane R Rogers

Source Code on Blackheath, London March 20th, 2015   Our skyline, once openhearted is now shored-up in your penumbral shadow …………..suspended to only a likeness, …………..brittle as toffee-candy. Copying crows, alerted to life at your second contact, we find shine in flight, our scattered feathers …………..settle, mysterious in the heath’s trees, …………..we trust in our ownContinue reading “Source Code on Blackheath, London March 20th, 2015 – a poem by Jane R Rogers”

Homework – a poem by Mark J. Mitchell

Homework                                       My eyes sting with these relics                                                                         —Gary Snyder                                                                         The Manicheans   The Dante notebook appears on his desk solid as a slap and cold as his hell. He means to get back to those pages—next week or month or year. He could never spell in Italian and his college handwritingContinue reading “Homework – a poem by Mark J. Mitchell”

Burned – a poem by Larry Pike

Burned —after Anne Ross Bruce Then Abraham returned to his servants,          and they set off together. . . . —Genesis 22:19 (NIV) Young Isaac had seen enough sacrifices to know something was off  ̶  the long journey to a far mountain, the confusing absence of a lamb. “God will provide, my son,” Abraham said,Continue reading “Burned – a poem by Larry Pike”

Rookery – a poem by Julie Sampson

Rookery   I know it’s dark and hard in there beneath the rook canopy. Usually, when I visit, lay flowers, I weep for your unfulfilled lives snuffed in earth, this time, singing yellow in Zephyrus’ wind, daffodils tell their own story and above, in the tall firs your son planted fifty years ago missing thoseContinue reading “Rookery – a poem by Julie Sampson”

Tea Water – a poem by R.W. Jagodnik

Tea Water While enjoying a blessing, the tea water boiled, churning faster on the stove, calling my devotion away from Ryokan’s poem before I reached the end; however, I finished it just the same and found my water just as mossy, but never as quiet as his was.  And no mountain, either. R.W. Jagodnik hasContinue reading “Tea Water – a poem by R.W. Jagodnik”

Hagiography – a poem by Ray Ball

Hagiography Like Saint Onophrius she kneeled the hair off her legs. Unlike him she did not live in a hermitage somewhere close to Constantinople or maybe Cyprus. Who can remember all their saints except for the nuns? The evergreens were her cathedral. They taught morality differently than the stained glass. She walked through the nearlyContinue reading “Hagiography – a poem by Ray Ball”