SURREALIST MUSE – a poem by Anne Whitehouse

SURREALIST MUSE The sense of a vessel is not in its shell, but in its void. -Dag Hammarskjold Loplop imagined a beguiling woman-child whose purpose was to inspire him, not to understand him. She was meant to be his destiny, sparking his creativity, leading him to visions, a mirror in which he saw himself. “WhoContinue reading “SURREALIST MUSE – a poem by Anne Whitehouse”

bluejay bolero – a poem by Emalisa Rose

bluejay bolero somewhere ’round seven you come a calling strutting your pipes and your tribal band blues..a song at the sill and the green tea is brewing…but soon you will sojourn through seventeen cities…you’ll hobnob with dignitaries, flash dance in philly even merengue in mexico as you pivot on ports i can only poem dreamsContinue reading “bluejay bolero – a poem by Emalisa Rose”

Flush with Joy – a poem by Melissa Chappell

Flush with Joy after “Like the Magic Glow of a Paradise,” by Clementina Suarez I have come forth with the young light, breaking over the waters of the Enoree, a child of the Daystar. My poor clay body, dug from the river, suddenly the roundness of flesh. Eyes are pieces of stained glass, shattered intoContinue reading “Flush with Joy – a poem by Melissa Chappell”

Rosie Garcia – a poem by Carl Mayfield

Rosie Garcia Too short for most Disney rides, north of 70, no family, she smiled when her diagnosis was passed across the desk, opting for palliative care. A recovering Catholic for years, the final cure had arrived. She wanted to know why I wasn’t having more fun when I stopped by the following week, spreadingContinue reading “Rosie Garcia – a poem by Carl Mayfield”

Listening for Updates – a poem by Diana Durham

Listening for Updates the white horse is half a hillside tall, emblazoned on the grooved green upland flank like a white tattoo rooks fidget and caw, stirring the heights with faint voices, their nests like tiny clouds caught in the high March aspens behind the stilled concrete factory’s eight-pack the dutiful two-tone chime of aContinue reading “Listening for Updates – a poem by Diana Durham”

Ocean of Light – a poem by Vishwam Heckert

Ocean of Light I think we must be sea creatures in a way. But ours is an ocean of Light. The physicists tell us everything we see is made of Light. All matter is energy contained. All matter is Light in another form. You and I, we are swimming in luminous bodies in an oceanContinue reading “Ocean of Light – a poem by Vishwam Heckert”

Four-Corner Travel – a poem by Margaret Marcum

Four-Corner Travel What is possible is for you. Like the sound from a flame on a wick which never fades: parousia. See. There is a chair in a room with many windows. There is a window in a chair with many rooms. A waiting tomb where the doctor is not quite in. She was goneContinue reading “Four-Corner Travel – a poem by Margaret Marcum”

In His Presence – a poem by Lynne D. Soulagnet

In His Presence The clouds open with soft hinges a dove lays its breast upon the air The lake pink from early light lends itself to the feathered reflection A choir of small birds sing in the rushes creatures nestled together slowly awaken Seeds scattered by the wind grown into a multitude of things MorningContinue reading “In His Presence – a poem by Lynne D. Soulagnet”

COLOUR BLIND – a poem by Rupert Loydell

COLOUR BLIND I would prefer things to be black and white. Painting the town red is problematic, feeling blue is not productive; but I do quite like the orange cover of the poetry book I wish I hadn’t bought. It is easy to see through me: a heart of gold hidden under dark thoughts andContinue reading “COLOUR BLIND – a poem by Rupert Loydell”

The World to Come – a poem by Victoria Martin

The World to Come At mass, the congregation sits once we have professed the Nicene Creed. My fingers shake as our words of faith revolve within my mind. I look forward to the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen. I nod, the world to come. What will theContinue reading “The World to Come – a poem by Victoria Martin”