Heavenly Scene Backdrop Banner – $10.37 – a poem by Megan McDermott

Heavenly Scene Backdrop Banner – $10.37 Clouds, beams of light: the classics. I’ve sometimes been afraid of heaven, and this is the heaven of my fear – an eternity encapsulated in something unnatural, static and devoid of heart. Who wants to live in the air? Still, the Bible has a few other images – citiesContinue reading “Heavenly Scene Backdrop Banner – $10.37 – a poem by Megan McDermott”

The Potter’s Wheel – a poem by Lynne D. Soulagnet

The Potter’s Wheel Creation starts slowly. Palms surround the amorphous form, begin molding as the wheel turns spinning clay, soft and damp. Each turn transforming matter, this pliable earthy mass. As if by magic, slight-of-hand, when fingers press in, a vase appears. A mere touch and a lip is added, the vase becomes a pitcher.Continue reading “The Potter’s Wheel – a poem by Lynne D. Soulagnet”

Salt in July – a poem by Shannon Cuthbert

Salt in July Grandpa brought us to his church some Sunday mornings after we slept over and before he would let us escape to the swim club, strange in its chemical blue beauty. Alive with the vibrating bodies of divers and old ladies peeling in lacy petals. We begged to visit the snack stand whichContinue reading “Salt in July – a poem by Shannon Cuthbert”

Giant Inflatable Whale – $19.59 – a poem by Megan McDermott

Giant Inflatable Whale – $19.59 “Use this giant ocean pal as part of your Jonah And The Whale lessons or have him make a splash at any Sunday School or VBS event.” The “or” is what interests me, a whale able to play two roles: either Jonah’s doom-slash- savior (doom because who wants to beContinue reading “Giant Inflatable Whale – $19.59 – a poem by Megan McDermott”

The Legacy of Dreams – a poem by Robert S. King

The Legacy of Dreams I swore no cold headwind would ever make me shiver nor blow me back to crossroads tied in knots. I swore that this is the road going somewhere, everywhere, an invincible dream passing through roadblocks like a ghost, all the way, all the way, all the way to the end ofContinue reading “The Legacy of Dreams – a poem by Robert S. King”

The World is just A Lie – a poem by Hongri Yuan

The World is just A Lie translated by Yuanbing Zhang The world is just a lie, truth is on the other side of the world. We can neither see the light of time nor know that everything is a shadow on the running water. There is another me on another planet, you have never beenContinue reading “The World is just A Lie – a poem by Hongri Yuan”

Blackberry Winter – a story by L. W. Nicholson

Blackberry Winter “The Old Man, or the Good Man, or the Old Gentleman – these names for God are used even by deeply religious hillfolk…But the Old Boy means Satan.” – Vance Randolph and George P. Wilson, Down in the Holler: A Gallery of Ozark Folk Speech We used to have blackberry winters late inContinue reading “Blackberry Winter – a story by L. W. Nicholson”

To Basho – a poem by Brian Palmer

To Basho Birds or leaves? On this path, it’s hard to tell what’s falling down from bare, cold branches or what’s flying up to them. They, these less-than-concrete mid-air moments, matter. Mid-day or mid-night, these every shadow moments matter. Bud and flower; I see my younger and my older figure walking on a crystal road,Continue reading “To Basho – a poem by Brian Palmer”

October Morning – a poem by Fredric Hildebrand

October Morning The maple this morning shadow tree ghost tree black leaves haunt the night sky the gray grass gloomy yard embers wait dawn to soak this day in color my rising light.     Fredric Hildebrand is a retired physician living in Neenah, WI. His poetry has appeared in Art Ascent, Bramble, Millwork, Tigershark,Continue reading “October Morning – a poem by Fredric Hildebrand”

Presence – a poem by Dennis Daly

Presence At depths no conjurer could reach Belief becomes so touchable, So burgeoning with life, so full That being’s song inclines to preach. Thus, waits that fundamental breech Between form and the fizzable At depths no conjurer could reach. It’s there one feels the real outreach, The presence of non-visual And sacred motes that pairContinue reading “Presence – a poem by Dennis Daly”