Epiphany – a poem by Philip C. Kolin

  Philip C. Kolin, Distinguished Prof. of English (Emeritus) at the Univ. of Southern Mississippi has published nine collections of poems, the most recent being Emmett Till in Different States: Poems (Third World Press, 2015) and Reaching Forever: Poems (Cascade Books, Poiema Series, 2019). He has published more than 350 poems in such journals as […]

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Explorers – a poem by JBMulligan

Explorers “Al Biruni climbed the highest mountain in Persia and noticed the deep blue, almost black, skies at high altitudes.” Peter Pesic, “Yes it’s Blue: But Why?”)   It’s always been a scrabble toward the heights not easily reached (but never past the doubts that make the climb a need), scattering stones at those behind […]

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