Twinkle, Twinkle – a poem by Matthew Friday

Twinkle, Twinkle Maybe it’s the word twinkle, a relic of your Teddy Bear days when Nursery Rhymes knew the truth. Too busy being adult, a being of work, bills, brain dulled by looking down at the twinkling screens instead of up at the twittering sky. Look again, feel your face unfolding in wonderment: stars areContinue reading “Twinkle, Twinkle – a poem by Matthew Friday”

Eglwys, Eglos, Ecclesia – a poem by Rob Evans

Eglwys, Eglos, Ecclesia Beneath the slates, the cherubim, the hammer-beams, we hold to faith. We bring our sons and daughters – the small votive offerings of our seeded dreams; we wash them in God’s salamandered waters and we pray for a mason-mark: a provenance that our clays will be as innocent as elephants.   RobContinue reading “Eglwys, Eglos, Ecclesia – a poem by Rob Evans”

The Orchestra Plays Nielsen’s ‘Inextinguishable’ – a poem by James Wood

The Orchestra Plays Nielsen’s ‘Inextinguishable’ to James Lowe A shaman’s hands crafted this spell: fingers wield bows, sawing at command – God’s knitting needles, they knot each note ……………………………….into one fabric, their music forging raw sound into magic. Light swirls through each passage as the score summons a fresh, seducing storm, a siren able ………………………………..toContinue reading “The Orchestra Plays Nielsen’s ‘Inextinguishable’ – a poem by James Wood”

Well Pump – a poem by Robert Okaji

Well Pump To be within, yet without: the rootless seed. Staring through glass, we see only the surface sliced thin like cell-thick specimen slides. I dream of knowing, of inclusion. The well pump is fried, but only thieves return our calls. How to deflect the lure of complicity? Stack stone, observe clouds. Tap the cistern.Continue reading “Well Pump – a poem by Robert Okaji”

Western Sky – a poem by Seth Jani

Western Sky Here, in this part of the universe, Everything has happened. But over there, it’s only yesterday, And the beautiful pause of death Is still waiting for the notes to settle, The music to subside. I have been in an ocean That defies everything we believe in. I have spent a day watching formsContinue reading “Western Sky – a poem by Seth Jani”

Too Close to See – a poem by Ion Corcos

Too Close to See Mist in the evening lies on the cliffs, headland in cloud, like in mountain hollows where cows graze, lie on damp grass. You think the weather should change slowly; there is nothing gradual about weather. White egrets follow cows. Some pick at grass, catch insects the cattle disturb. Others sit atopContinue reading “Too Close to See – a poem by Ion Corcos”

The Atmospheric River – a poem by Barbara A Meier

The Atmospheric River I cannot  walk out of the atmospheric river by myself, especially at 5:00 PM when the wind shifts from southwest to northeast bringing the charnel smell of slaughterhouses, cauterized blood- miasma of death, tinting skies coppery with bruising green clouds. White sunlight being scattered by marble size  hail. The clouds –  hiss,Continue reading “The Atmospheric River – a poem by Barbara A Meier”

Tirol Teaching – a poem by Matthew James Friday

Tirol Teaching Against the back drop of snow- tipped teeth of the north Tirol, teeth that gnaw at the eyes. Steam vents out of a hotel chimney: thick, greyer than snow, unfurling a sky dragon’s tail tipping, turning, curling with wind whispering it fainter, wider, fainter, wilder swirls of nothingness, sometimes too wild, then suddenlyContinue reading “Tirol Teaching – a poem by Matthew James Friday”

Bracha – a poem by Sally Michaelson

Bracha Blessings for first fruits, for various creatures for giants, for dwarves for portents, for lightning and thunder are jumbling behind my lips Blessed art thou Lord King of the Universe for this opportunity to taste the chicken livers Chavignol and croutons that he made for me to try, for leading me out of kosherContinue reading “Bracha – a poem by Sally Michaelson”

Lighting the Absence – a poem by M. Stone

Lighting the Absence My belief: a cheap gold ring passed on to me in childhood when I couldn’t properly care for it. The solitary stone was cloudy as if smudged with dish soap residue. Dented band, two broken prongs— I surrendered it to the dirt one spring when I planted seeds, actually did a usefulContinue reading “Lighting the Absence – a poem by M. Stone”