Twinkle, Twinkle – a poem by Matthew Friday

Twinkle, Twinkle

Maybe it’s the word twinkle,
a relic of your Teddy Bear
days when Nursery Rhymes

knew the truth. Too busy
being adult, a being of work,
bills, brain dulled by looking

down at the twinkling screens
instead of up at the twittering
sky. Look again, feel your face

unfolding in wonderment:
stars are unimaginably far away,
but your childhood so close.

Imagine. Just some solar orbits,
a few calories of effort to raise
your index finger, point up

towards the cosmos-crossing
light that took millions of years
to reach earth, photons bumped

by the atmosphere in the final
seconds, causing the twinkling
magic that illuminates your eye,

fires electrons, burns in your
mind, resurrects memories,
connects to space forgotten.


Matthew James Friday has had over 60 poems published in many UK and worldwide magazines and journals, including, recently: The Brasilia Review (Brazil), Dawntreader (UK), New Contrast (South Africa), Sheila Na-Gig (USA) and Poetry Salzburg (Austria). A mini-chapbook titled All the Ways to Love is forthcoming with the Origami Poems Project (USA).


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