The concept of right and wrong – a poem by Claire Sexton

The concept of right and wrong

An ethical foundation
can be a wonderful thing,
but it separates you from
other people, with
a barbed wire fence.

The concept of right and wrong
Is outmoded, and pilloried,
left, right, and centre.
Like grammar, and the Oxford comma,
it makes no sense to so many.
A look of something like pity
transpires; a clouded look, silence,
and a shoulder shrug.

When you say that ‘it’s the right thing to do’;
show compassion, or believe in the best
of humanity, heckles arise. Suddenly
you are persona non grata, and you may
as well have spat on their shoe, vomited,
or poisoned their food.

It seems like goodness
has no place; its image is tarnished.
And my belief slips further and further away.
Like fractions of shell; floating,
in a bowl of cracked egg.


Claire Sexton is a Welsh poet and writer living and working in London. She loves poetry, fruit tea and cats, and has been published in Ink, Sweat and Tears, Peeking Cat Poetry, Amaryllis, Word Life – Now Then Magazine, and Light – journal of photography and poetry.

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