Baptism – a poem by Steven Harz


I will lean a ladder against the house
and take a chainsaw and goggles
up onto our roof,
prime the pump and pull the cord,
and with a tape measure
and an undying belief,
will cut a hole in the spot
that is directly above our bed.
Because, you see, a storm is coming –
you can smell it in the air –
and I want it to wash us clean of
past bruises and current sins,
and, through the hole,
allow God to witness a baptism
that will fix what His original one
could not.

Steven Harz is the author of multiple collections and is a multi-time winner of The Iron Writer Challenge. Originally from West Virginia, he grew up in Maryland, and now lives in New England. If you’re looking for flowery love stories, you’re in the wrong place.
Amazon author link: Steven Harz


  1. This poem touches me in heart and spirit. Thank you for giving of yourself this way.


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