A Mindful Reunion – a poem by Jacqueline Woods

A Mindful Reunion

We meet in silence
Clutching blankets brought from home,
Holding memories from a year ago
When scars were raw,
Heads disguised by wigs
And tears too salt to weep.

I found words difficult then.
‘Body scan’
Was not a mindful exercise
But a machine at the end of a corridor.
There were places in my body
I could not touch with thought.

Like chrysalis we scatter the floor
Each section of our being
Revisited with childlike curiosity,
Sensations magnified,
The tickle of wool, the press of cotton.
A forgotten ache from an ankle.

Our teacher’s voice
Both lesson and lullaby
Returning to the breath
Again and again
We try to train our thoughts;
Naughty as puppies
With Baskerville bites

I find peacefulness within the ordinary,
Rest my head in the soft cushion of a second
Savouring the beauty of this moment both
Rooted in earth and reaching for stars.

Jacqueline Woods lives in Lancashire but originates from Suffolk. She attends Open Mics and writing groups in her area. She has had poems published in various pamphlets and has published her own collection. She is a volunteer Reader leader bringing poetry to older people who have dementia. She also volunteers for Arthritis Care.

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