The Colour of Water – a poem by Uma Venkatraman

The Colour Of Water

A dip in the
holy Ganges
washes away
your sins
they say
leaving you

What colour
are your
the waves
swept away

Do the waters turn
with your rage
with your cowardice
with your envy
with your oppression
with your fear

The flowing river
absorbs all the ills
but is not
stained by them
The waters run
transparent, the
colour of truth
and honesty

Born in India, and now living in Singapore, Uma Venkatraman is a journalist with a passion for poetry. Her poems have been published in anthologies such as Good Morning Justice, Poetic Trenches, Along The Shore, and online in the Pink Panther Magazine, Better Than Starbucks and the Plath Poetry Project’s December retrospective.


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  1. Healing is powerful if we allow it…Stunning poem!


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