Light Hearted – a poem by Diana Durham

Light Hearted

the molecules of glass match the frequencies of light
which is why we have windows and not dense dim
rectangles of other matter to look through darkly

and how we can see while still indoors the grass and green
leaves of gardens, when we go outside we see the same
but unframed larger wider views of plane trailed skies

and when our eyes, in love with light, become windows
we also are framers of all clear sight, feeling that
lightness larger even than dimension

brimming over from its darkness into form
light-hearted then we no longer take ourselves too
seriously seeing that light always makes us lighter.

Diana Durham is the author of three poetry collections: Sea of Glass (Diamond Press); To the End of the Night (Northwoods Press) Between Two Worlds (Chrysalis Poetry); the nonfiction The Return of King Arthur (Tarcher/Penguin); a debut novel
The Curve of the Land (Skylight Press); and a dramatic retelling of grail myth Perceval & the Grail: Perceval & the Grail Part 1 Morgana’s Retelling – YouTube

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