Altar Yourself – a poem by Caroline Johnstone

Altar Yourself

The Altar’s set,
With fire made ready,
Incense and candlelight

To fill our senses,
And sage to purify

And open up the road to bliss.

A virtual fireplace where

We pull an armchair up.
For time is stilled,
To merge with the eternal,
And meet with the Divine

And new beginnings.

Our well-beloved rituals
Mark the threshold;
Leaving past behind
To focus soft on now,
On all we long to be
In spirit and our self.

They ground,
They set the place
For outside worlds to hush
And inner work to whisper,
To change the mystery of love

That holds us in – and up.

We hold our altars firm
When all else shakes.
Its spark ignites
And subtly weaves the magic
As together,
We altar our selves.

Its spark ignites
And subtly weaves the magic
As together
We altar our selves.

Caroline Johnstone is originally from Northern Ireland, now living in Ayrshire.  She writes stories through her poems, mainly on philosophical, political and life experience themes and has been published in the UK, Ireland and the U.S. She is a member of Women Aloud NI, the Federation of Writers, Scotland, the Scottish Writers Centre and is on the Poets Advisory Group for the Scottish Poetry Library.

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