from ‘god is waiting in the world’s yard’ – paired poems by MTC Cronin



Right at the back of the world’s yard I am sitting. Many things appear to be dust and reasons for death are many but on this day I see only one bird in the sky, the father and the daughter out walking – she follows his steps as if they are her own small shadows, tender feet falling, arousing the earth. All around them time does its business yet still I would ask, What is so important about now? Why do we not sense the earth’s movement?



Planets? C’s? Paperbags? They are certainly not photographs or fleas. The two most stupid people in the world have come to help us work it out. They say they’re not a deathhole or keys. We settle on specks. But what are the specks made of? Diadochi? Pogroms? Increased poems speaking with the tongues of the saddest animals? The stupid people don’t stay. They must attend a conference on an argument that has already been disposed of. What do you think the things in the specks are made of? We would like an answer that satisfies the conditions under which nothing holds true.


MTC Cronin has published twenty books (poetry, prose poems and essays). Recent collections include in possession of loss (Shearsman Books, 2014) and The Law of Poetry (Puncher & Wattmann, 2015), the latter of which was written over two decades. Contact:

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