And so I say – a poem by Adam Levon Brown

And so I say


Hypnotic transience

circulates through

the body of time


And so I say;


Dance with the bones

of your ancestors

until you join them


Hedonists sip on the



And so I say;


Burn in the flames

and spread your ashes

to the edge of the world



Achilles is gone forever and

Sleep is the brother of death


and so I say;


Light your candles now

before dusk settles

on your eyes


Adam Levon Brown is an internationally published author, poet, amateur photographer. He is Founder, Owner, and editor in chief of Madness Muse Press. He has had poetry published hundreds of times in several languages, along with 2 full collections and 3 chapbooks. He also participates as an assistant editor at Caravel Literary Arts Journal.

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