The Door Finder – a poem by Wayne-Daniel Berard

The Door Finder

you can tell by
their step rather
than their voice
hesitant or barely
unpanicked they
often stop just
before or pass
just beyond me
before turning
asking “where is
the door?”
sometimes out
sometimes in
but I can show
them  I am
motze hadelet
the door finder

the walk around
the building inside
or out is usually
the most interesting
each step is auto
biography a siren
wails a toilet
flushes either
way they’re
glad to tell
it to someone
who doesn’t cover
his ears or hold
his nose then
we arrive “there
it is,” I say “your
door” you know
what happens
next “too soon”
“too late”” too
long a walk to
my car” their
today is married
to a tomorrow and
divorce is against
their faith,
as it is
most people’s.
it used to
bother me
this job
but I know
where the
elevator is
to the
dARK and
the rooftop
and its
glorious vYOU

baruch ata Adonai
who gives every
soul its way

Wayne-Daniel Berard teaches English and Humanities at Nichols College in Dudley, MA. Wayne-Daniel is a Peace Chaplain, an interfaith clergy person, and a member of B’nai Or of Boston. He has published widely in both poetry and prose, and is the co-founding editor of Soul-Lit, an online journal of spiritual poetry. His latest chapbook is Christine Day, Love Poems. He lives in Mansfield, MA with his wife, The Lovely Christine


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