A Ghazal of Love and Purity – a poem by Carolyn Patricia Richardson

A Ghazal of Love and Purity inspired by
حافظ شیرازی

With Great Blessings from the Imam
The Poet Seer feels the Wings of Protection

With a noble Heart & strong Mind
The Poet Seer struggles to apprehend the Truth

With a bowl of Muscat grapes & sweet stringed Lyre
The Poet Seer sings Ghazal to purify his Soul.

With words and music to express his devotion
The Poet Seer charms all who listen

With the kindliness of strangers and Holy men
The Poet Seer is helped along the dark Path

With a low Sun in a high Sky
The Poet Seer walks toward his Knowing

With only a thin Kellim & the Koran for warmth
The Poet Seer sleeps well under the curve of a starry sky

With Love, Truth and Beauty in his Heart
The Poet Seer seeks to achieve his completeness.

Carolyn Patricia Richardson is a poet, painter with work in the Public Catalogue, now re-branded as ArtUK; a maker of filmed poems and a guerrilla poet in the wilds of Dumfries & Galloway. Carolyn was a Director of the Scottish Writers Centre and is working for the 2017 Cumbrian literary festival  “Borderlines”. Carolyn’s  filmpoem “Spring Train” was commended in Cumbria’s FilmFling in 2017 and her recent publication is “Scots’ Rock”, Red Squirrel Press, 2016. www.redsquirrelpress.com Carolyn is lucky enough to spend some of the year abroad writing and painting in the South of France in National Booktown of Montolieu.

www.my-france.me   www.montolieu-livre.fr

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