Coming to my Senses – a poem by Lee Triplett

Coming to my Senses

How as a child I love to
linger on the grass.  Trapping
dirt on my pants and hands,
I dust them.

Soixante-sept years and
I still love the feel of her
earthiness.  She invites me to
grow deeper and higher.

Decreasing anti-pills yields
increasing sensation.
Opening a wash of life
force coming out all over.

Coming to my senses, the body
entwines with the mind
the soul, the tree, the
furry buzzing creature

flying softly into my forehead.
A gentle contact with a world
of which I know little.
I am pollinated!


Lee Triplett is a retired software programmer in South Carolina, US.  She studied poetry, piano and computer science in college.  She lives her life as a poet, voracious reader, mystic, bipolar depressive, pianist, queer and South Carolinian.  She immerses herself in poets that attract her and enjoys writing poetry frequently.

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