Another sparrow falls – a poem by Caroline Greville

Another Sparrow Falls

A flapping from inside the grate
Another sparrow falls
Fling wide the doors
Children out and watch and wait.
It flies, it sinks, concussed or dead
Twitches, on its side, yet look –
‘It’s breathing’,
‘It’s what I said’
Chest rise, chest fall
Broken leg or broken wing
Pain and sting
Nurture then, water drip
Wing stroke, wing stretch
It lives, but will it last?
The hours pass, leave it then
In sun, in breeze
It sleeps, it writhes
‘It won’t survive,’ I say
Words, they will not accept
Youth-search and knowledge new
New hope, new shoes, and the box
Poke holes, paper torn and darkness.
Let it rest, time alone, secure
Sleep on or die
In reconstruction hope.
Three hours, and lift the lid
It flails, it flies, bombs and dives
Hits the gravel, sighs
And – oh – airborne now
It rises and is gone.

Caroline Greville is a writer and creative writing tutor at Canterbury Christ Church University and Kent Adult Education.  Her nature writing is found in the ‘Seasons’ series (Elliott and Thompson), and ‘Badger Clan’, her badger memoir/PhD project, is currently out on submission. She is a member of the Association of Christian Writers. Her website is at:

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