Pitch of the Ship – a poem by Lee Triplett

Pitch of the Ship

A rocky sea rolls the ship
feeling its way in troughs
and peaks heavy swells
there are no stars tonight.

A melody soft and dim drifts
from the stern into the
body – surprising, the gaps
in intervals encompassing the waves.

The body knows the way
you held me then
singing as we rocked
comfortable in your arms.

Your lap surrounding my back
a flower folding into itself
its brief bloom withdrawing
in tender collapse.

Welcoming the bare tight
wound mental wires rising
from flittering pools, something
in there is moving! embrace.

Spread out the limbs slightly
vibrating.  Spacious the evening
signal too vast for rest
instead feed the slow burning ember.

Waiting for the pitch
to cease, everyone has
the note, inhale, exhale
melody fills the vessel.

Lee Triplett is a retired software programmer in South Carolina, US.  She studied poetry, piano and computer science in college.  She lives her life as a poet, voracious reader, mystic, bipolar depressive, pianist, queer and South Carolinian.  She immerses herself in poets that attract her and enjoys writing poetry frequently.

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