Sabbath 1 – a poem by Julia Bonadies

Sabbath 1

after Wendell Berry
when I am no longer encumbered
by the weight of flesh,
the ache of my saved soul alleviated
by the vacancy of the hungry heart
that hollows out my chest—
at long last when my body
lays in ruins like the remains
of the tabernacle—
when my mind is split in two
like the curtain that separated
the people from God,
when my feet are an empty altar
barren of putrid praises,
adoration will adorn my lips.
I will worship a Lord who has preserved
the only ounce of good in me,
a good He has put there.
Only then will I be satisfied,
will I experience true eternal rest,
will I understand the meaning of Sabbath.


Julia Bonadies holds a B.A. in English from Eastern Connecticut State University. She is currently working on her Masters in Secondary Education at ECSU. Her work is published in the Albion Review, Eunoia Review, and The Leaflet. She lives in Connecticut with her cat, Allister.

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