Lost in the Choir – a poem by Scott Waters

Lost in the Choir

A sun rises
among the voices
on the stage

glowing on the lakes
of their eyes
the dunes
of their cheeks

a golden-pink
uprush of glory
that takes
even the singers
by surprise

the sunburst
spills over the edge
of the stage

and now a warm river
swirls through the audience

sweeping tables, chairs,
plates, glasses,
purses and cell phones
toward a brown
and burnished delta
on the eastern horizon

where no one can tell
the singers


the song.


Scott Waters is a poet and songwriter living in Oakland, California, with his wife and son.  He graduated with an M.A. from the San Francisco State creative writing program, and has published previously in The Santa Clara Review, The Pangolin Review, Oblivion, and NatureWriting.



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