Pink Lotus on Still Water – a poem by Marga Fripp

Pink Lotus on Still Water

In my dream I battle water,
muddy-gray torrents
heaving fear
over my sunken bedroom.

I can’t swim, though I try.
The waves rise and thicken, the stalks
of my feet take root
in a swamp.

The wide-eyed baby
clasped to my chest
smiles. I am terrified
for his life.

No skills to swim but skills
to save, I tug my body
through viscous fluid,

each step an anvil—
I’m a shipwreck in bottomless night.

The baby
takes my hands
in his hands. His smile
pulls me upward.

Slowly, we ascend.
The flood recedes,
the smiling baby
drifts in cotton-soft air.


I am light-made,
a pink-lotus floating
on still water.

I float. I bloom. I fold
into wholeness.


Marga Fripp is a Romanian-American women’s empowerment social entrepreneur and former journalist living in Geneva, Switzerland. Her poems like music long to be heard, danced with and set free. Her work has appeared in Ink and Voices and Offshoots 14: Writing from Geneva, Fall 2017.

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