Welcoming Our Grand daughter Home – a poem by Michael H. Brownstein

Welcoming our Grand daughter Home

the hollow bowl of sunset
across a sweat stained sky
casts a glint of pinkish yellow;
the clouds, hungry for light,
congregate in the near west
wait for the last color,
the surprise of the first stars–

and so
we rearrange furniture
sounds and sighs
the onward rush of a furnace coming to life
her hands
at two months
moving to the rhythm of Tommy Roe
and the Shondells and Sweet Pea


Michael H. Brownstein’s work has appeared in The Café ReviewSouth Florida Poetry Journal, American Letters & CommentarySkidrow PenthouseMeridian Anthology of Contemporary PoetryThe Pacific ReviewPoetry Super Highway and others. He is the editor of First Poems from Viet Nam (2011).

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