Unflowering – a poem by David Hanlon


Buds know their potential
to bloom
and remain closed
dormant because of this.

The last time they blossomed,
allowed petals to unfold,
stamens to reproduce,
the world soon
withered them,

and now, inside petals
is the only haven,
the only thing to flourish,

and when someone new,
hovers nearby and gently caresses,
there is the flinch, the risk of unfurling for another,

so, buds enclose protective leaves tighter,
because they know too well
that it takes rain
as well as sunlight
to flower.


David Hanlon is from Cardiff, Wales, and currently living in Bristol, England. He has a BA in Film Studies & is training part-time as a counsellor/therapist. You can find his work online in Dirty Paws Poetry Review, Into The Void, Impossible Archetype & The Rising Phoenix Review, among others.

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