Prayer to Contrivances – a poem by Rabiu Temidayo

Prayer to Contrivances

the grumbling cars down the road
of our imaginative mind,
wipe out the cosmos dreams,
as we turn on lightswitches,
Tell us the sum of engines,
or what the windscreens remember
correcting at midday
with white asterisks for sunlight,
down the road that Iveco
gargles outside these walls
of our imagination,
with the sun on the whale back
of our moving freight car,
with the sunset as well
behind orange cemetaries,
open the sliding windows
of our imaginative minds,
and the walls to the traffic,
of red horns and taillights,
let things come my way,
let four things go back
And forth like door leaves
That nothing goes where
but if we imagine it,
we remember.


Rabiu Temidayo writes from Lagos. Visar has either appeared or is soon appearing on Isacoustic, Merak MagazineRiggwelter, Picaroon Poetry, Nightingale & Sparrow, kalahari review, African Writer,  the Gerald Kraak Anthology etc. Twitter: @rabiutemidayo.

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