Tuning In – a poem by Tina Morris

Tuning In

Grass rough against my cheek,
I lie with ear to the ground
listening for the reverberation
of hoofbeats, soundwaves, footsteps
– the vibrations by which my ancestors
predicted the probable.
But as I tune in
to earth’s faint pulse
I feel a pull of energy
in the beating of my heart.
Deep in the unheard singing
something ancient stirs
and moves me to tears.


Tina Morris has been around for decades, appearing in hundreds of magazines and anthologies, ranging from Children of Albion to Peace News, Tribune and Freedom. Her recent poetry collection Mirrors and Moonshine was published in 2017. Writing as Tina Cryer, her teenage pony novel Horses, Divorces & Hissy Fits was recently published by Forelock Books.

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