Prayer for a bridled mind – a poem by Jenny

Prayer for a bridled mind

I want to be free range, to lope in the wake
of wind kissing me good morning, as if nothing
besides my alignment
with the slow turning earth
matters. I yearn to know in my marrow
the immense truth of this “as if”
a place of being
louder than any ringing phone, ticking clock
in my head, my slice of our collective
Thoughts would soften into wordless sensing while
words, when used, could take flight
from a place wholly foreign
to small dimensions of logic or prescribed
meaning. We could say what
we can’t now, what can’t
even be thought.
I would like to shed the belief that anything
is obvious and swim in
a fluid in-between where everything emerges and
fades, all ultimately unknowable and yet
so delicious to explore, co-invent
and witness. I could
discard the need to understand, agree
or disagree and live


Jenny has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 13 years having moved here from the New York metropolitan area with her family.   By day she is an international tax lawyer, but day and night, a poet, loving to write poems and share with anyone who will read them.  Her work has been in included as part of the yearly Bainbridge Island Poetry Corners celebration in which poems are posted on local storefronts, Ars Poetica, a juried pairing of poems with the work of local artists, several anthologies published by Diversion Press, two publications out of the Grief Dialogues project, “Just a Little More Time” and “Grief Dialogues, the book”, The Cascade Journal Vol. II, of the Washington Poets Association and others.

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