Vapor – a poem by Rickey Rivers Jr


I inhale vapor, straight into the ears. The tunes make me tingle. I wonder if this moment in time will be remembered fondly, if time travelers might find the reality somewhat meaningful. I wonder a lot with tunes in my ears. I wonder the future. Does such a word exist for me and those who look like me? I wonder these thoughts among permitted tunes. Sometimes I cannot decipher tune from thought and in those times I wish to be sleeping. Yet I always find myself existing. In which my dreams and tunes are closely intertwined like a helix, wrapping so fluidly, intangible suit. My DNA is almost completely vapor now, vaporized. I know that one day I will evaporate. I hope I sound quite beautiful in the air.


Rickey Rivers Jr was born and raised in Alabama. He is a writer and cancer survivor. His stories and poems have appeared in various publications and are forthcoming in Picaroon Poetry, Dodging the Rain, Neon Mariposa (among other publications). /

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