Violence and Dawn – a poem by Steven Lebow

Violence and Dawn

For T.O., 16, killed in a motorcycle accident.

Christ, who was our savior, did you kill
me with your words that fell
like leaves?
I was cast towards death, not ill
but still I plummeted towards hell
and grief.

By day I saw the face
of my own hand
within a pond.
Now I run a different race
across a different land
of violence and dawn.

You who sunk as deep as I,
must know my plight
and fate-
The tears of my dead age run dry
and cancel out my flight
of love and hate.

My hill was no different
than yours of clay
and dirt.
I understood the message sent.
What could I say
to you of any worth?

You, who stood above me,
now below me in my grave,
are judged as I was, too.
My dull eyes have failed to see
the meaning of dark waves.
On that day, I will be you.


Steven Lebow has published in print and online fiction in Aphelion, Infernal Ink, The Airgonaut, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Literally Stories, Flash Fiction Online, Literary Heist, Penny Shorts, Down in The Dirt, The Scarlet Leaf, and Danse Macabre. His poetry has appeared in The Pangolin Review, Literary Yard, Adelaide, and  Ariel Chart.

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