Her Drop of India – a poem by Jessica Rigney

Her Drop of India

It was. As he
Said of stone. A temple
Silver carved

Up doors. Ceilings of
Lotus bloomed. Outside
In dirt a Kolam. An entrance

Ran itself. ‘Round
A spiraling she. Bent
A doorway. Through millions

Over thousands—
Years to bow. As he said
It would have been. Flames

Of camphor billowed out. Lives
Alluded to in breath. The sun
And she—vermillion faces bared. Un

Wrecked. Wornly rough and
Smoothed in stone—the oil.
In blessing she becomes

Clink—just one of mumbling
Chant-bare feet upon. Marigold grains
Rice of no solitary thrum. This

He did not submit—the suddenness
Of sound’s armistice. And her?
’Twas all evaporation’s trick.

And nothing. No
Of her resisted.


Jessica Rigney is a poet, artist, and filmmaker. Listen to her voice & see moving pictures here. She is twice a quarter-finalist for the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry (2016 & 18.) Sample her poetry at Salomé and Cider Press Review. She is poetjess on Instagram.

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