Cracked Heart – a poem by Jenny

Cracked Heart

I am meant to be here in the fissure of our
global heart, my own piece of it
still pumping though it could stop at
any moment and I’d just fold into this cycle
of devolving evolution, into
whatever it is that arises
out of what is
no more.
I am meant to weep in stunning grief
at the loss of animal life, habitat,
mounting disappearance we choose not
to stem; the inevitable
apocalypse which may have
already begun.
I am meant to listen through the
clamor of catastrophe, chaos, confounded
to the loudest silence where eternity
waits and watches. The
lacunae between my
breaths and the hum of perception
Inside my cells
hint at the larger song in which
we are sung.
I am meant to flounder in the darkness,
foraging for light like a
a hungry
bat, to then sip deeply and know
something more than
what is seen.
I am meant to stagger in the heartbreak
and bleed sorrow while I
continue to believe
in beauty.


Jenny has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 13 years having moved here from the New York metropolitan area with her family.   By day she is an international tax lawyer, but day and night, a poet, loving to write poems and share with anyone who will read them.  Her work has been in included as part of the yearly Bainbridge Island Poetry Corners celebration in which poems are posted on local storefronts, Ars Poetica, a juried pairing of poems with the work of local artists, several anthologies published by Diversion Press, two publications out of the Grief Dialogues project, “Just a Little More Time” and “Grief Dialogues, the book”, The Cascade Journal Vol. II, of the Washington Poets Association and others.

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