Minotaur – a poem by Dawid Juraszek


They say you were lurking
in the shadows
waiting for the right time
to strike.

I say you were hiding
away from prying eyes
to be left alone.

You say you were
raw material
for others
to make their name.

He says your life
and your death
gave him
his immortal fame.

She says nothing
with a frown
resting her head
on his shoulder.

We say you were a hybrid
a monster
an abomination
a god.

Who says you were a species?


Dawid Juraszek is a bilingual author and educator based in China. A published novelist in his native Poland, his fiction, non-fiction, and poetry have appeared in The Remembered Arts Journal, Amethyst Review, The Font, Amaryllis, The Esthetic Apostle, Artis Natura, and elsewhere. Visit: https://amazon.com/author/dawidjuraszek

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