Postcard from Ostuni – a poem by Ray Ball

Postcard from Ostuni

We have found our favorite
gelato shop by the stairs
in the glimmering white city.
The afternoon sun
melts our frozen treats
so we eat quickly. Flor
di latte, nociollo, anguria,
Sant’Oronzo – stick to our fingers.

They taste better in the heat
that has fired our tempers.
This is a respite
from family squabbles.
Our mouths too occupied
to make any biting remarks.
Yes, indeed, Saint Oronzo

has once again worked a miracle.
This one is more mundane
than when he saved Lecce
from the plague,
but, still, I am grateful
and, between mouthfuls,
offer up thanksgiving
for this intercession.


Ray Ball grew up in a house full of snakes. She is a history professor, Pushcart-nominated poet, and editor at Alaska Women Speak. Her first chapbook Tithe of Salt was recently published by Louisiana Literature Press, and she has recent publications in Coffin BellMoria, and UCity Review.

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