The Witch’s Hearing – a poem by Katerina Neocleous

The Witch’s Hearing

A wasp had flown in earlier
while I’d been busy
getting ready, a creature
easily misunderstood.
I helped it leave my room
and asked it, to rid me
of my ills – a heavy task
for such small wings –
or take my plea upwards,
and intercede for me.
Outside, the breeze sets
a birch ablaze
with trembling sunlit leaves;
while decollated cherubs
hover over mounted cameras
and laminated exit signs:
a stick figure bolts into
an empty square, salvation
indicated by an arrow
pointing down, at court 2.
When my secret trial starts
I must not risk contempt
by speaking: the family judge
has alerted everyone about my
poisonous maternal eloquence.
I will be a humble appellant and
sit with hands in lap, head down
in a plain shift – surrender to
a higher justice – pray my child
stays with me, protected.

Katerina Neocleous is assistant editor of the poetry journal, Obsessed With Pipework. She is widely published in magazines; and has two pamphlets forthcoming in 2019 – one from Maytree Press, and another through Obsessed With Pipework and Flarestack Publishing. She is also a mother and gardener. For more information please visit her at


  1. Reblogged this on thispoet and commented:
    My poem ‘The Witch’s Hearing’ is up at The Amethyst Review – New Writing Engaging with the Sacred, edited by Sarah Law. It is a really lovely journal and well worth visiting, for inspiration and deeply reflective work.


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