Poem of Attachment – a poem by Peggy Turnbull

Poem of Attachment

A mindful woman
would usher you away
when you step into her thoughts.

But I am a poet
begging your presence
in a poem.

When will I learn?

The ash from a thousand burning forests
will never be reborn
as paper.


Peggy Turnbull studied anthropology in college and has a master’s in library and information science.  She has written all her life, mostly in diaries, but after returning to her birthplace in Wisconsin, she began to write poems.  Read them in Poetry Quarterly, Rat’s Ass Review, and New Verse News or visit https://peggyturnbull.blogspot.com/  .


  1. Mark Tulin says:

    Enjoyed this gem. Hope I can make more mindful choices, not poetic ones.


  2. Evie Groch says:



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